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Ron Burgundy Anchorman.....

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BigStripeyBastard Mon 18-Dec-17 22:29:20

I'm watching this now. I am genuinely unable to work out if it is truly hilarious or properly rubbish. I am laughing and cringing in equal measures.
I am very confused....

Hobbes8 Mon 18-Dec-17 22:30:16

It's awesome! Highly quoteable. It just gets more preposterous though...

Autumnchill Mon 18-Dec-17 22:33:04

It's genius!

Now you stay classy!

BigStripeyBastard Mon 18-Dec-17 22:34:02

I think I am liking the increasing's getting funnier.
Go fuck yourself, San Diego.

EEandEmakes3 Mon 18-Dec-17 22:35:10

I'm going to have to watch this again 😂

BigStripeyBastard Mon 18-Dec-17 22:35:16

Oh my god, the dog's just climbed out the river..... 😂

Chimchar Mon 18-Dec-17 22:36:26

I love the Afternoon Delight song! grin

WingMirrorSpider Mon 18-Dec-17 22:36:52

60% of the time, it works every time...

BigStripeyBastard Mon 18-Dec-17 22:38:09

Oh my god, these bears are MASSIVE......

numbereightyone Mon 18-Dec-17 22:41:32

Watching on +1. He's just played the jazz flute.

BigStripeyBastard Mon 18-Dec-17 22:47:44

That was a ridiculous film. I quite enjoyed it!

Autumnchill Mon 18-Dec-17 22:48:39

Now you need Anchorman 2! The Return of Ron Burgundy. Just as funny

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