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Presents for DH, all out of inspiration

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linspins Mon 18-Dec-17 22:21:01

I’m searching my frazzled brain for what to get DH for Xmas. We haven’t got a huge amount to spend on each other, and any shopping I do will include both kids trailing round after me, so I need to do it swiftly. But I have literally no ideas this year. Previously I’ve bought him running gear, leather travel bag, books, fancy beers, a watch that tracks your running, and clothes.
Please help! Any ideas for presents for men gratefully recieved. I’ve never been so clueless before.

OlafLovesAnna Mon 18-Dec-17 22:22:32

Tickets for something? That's what I went for last year as I didn't have a clue and it was well received.

Whisky2014 Mon 18-Dec-17 22:25:45

This is what I've got mine:

Aeropress coffee maker thing
A belt you were when running to put your phone in
Wireless bluetooth headphones also for running
A jumper
A bento box and some freeze dried miso soups. We want to go to Japan!
Hmm forgetting everything now...

Laska5772 Mon 18-Dec-17 22:28:05

I bought mine a ball of string today !! .. ( he never can find any string) I will wrap it up as the glitziest present of them all..grin

SpinningBob Mon 18-Dec-17 22:30:07

My DH favourite drink is a classic margarita... so I bought a fancy looking box, and filled it with a nice bottle of tequila (more upmarket brand than we usually buy) , a bottle of triple sec, 2 margarita glasses, a wee selection of margarita mixture bottles from tk maxx, and will buy a bag of fresh limes to put in. Bonus is that he will be very chuffed with it, we get to enjoy it together once kids are in bed, and you can probably get everything from the supermarketsmile

whojamaflip Mon 18-Dec-17 22:32:09

Bought my new waxed leggings, a penknife and some thermal socks - he is a farmer though so may be a bit niche grin also got him a bottle of Jack Daniels Tennessee fire which is his tipple of choice.

Agree with tickets to a show or maybe some music or books which he may enjoy?

Doilooklikeatourist Mon 18-Dec-17 22:32:47

A watch

A scarf

Thermal wellies ( for fishing )

New strap for to tomtom watch

It’s his birthday just before Christmas to make things more complicated

Kimlek Mon 18-Dec-17 22:35:08

The DDs (ie me) always get him cufflinks. Often a pair from the each of them. This year I’ve got him a clock that I’d like for the kitchen grin He got me incense that he likes last year (I hate incense as it makes me sneeze). Of course, I pretended to love it (I hope). We don’t usually buy each other much but help the DDs choose. Sorry not much help!!

Kimlek Mon 18-Dec-17 22:36:50

Oh that’s sooo cool and thoughtful spinningbob

MiddlingMum Mon 18-Dec-17 22:40:01

We only buy books, but that may not suit your DH.

CosmicSpider Mon 18-Dec-17 22:40:07

My DH climbed a small Welsh mountain this year with me. He lost half a lung 2 years ago so it was a struggle and he complained the whole time and almost quit. I love hiking and he has never done it.

He complained he didn't have the right gear but that he was actually really chuffed to do it. So I bought him hiking boots, trousers, a fleece and a warm hat with bluetooth headphones integrated. I am hoping if the weather is clear, we can do Snowdon on New Years Day smile

Also got DS matching gear, so no excuses!

AnAirborneFluffyWhiteThing Mon 18-Dec-17 22:43:05

On recommendation from MN last year, I got DH a subscription to a monthly fly delivery box, for fly fishing. Bann Valley is the name. Probably no good for your DH, OP, but might be of use to someone else!
£14 a month. Billed monthly, so no big outlay.

On second thoughts, maybe a subscription to a (running??) magazine?

linspins Mon 18-Dec-17 23:18:07

Just looked for tickets to see Michael mckintyre in Brighton, but all sold out! Boo!
He drinks beer or plain vodka with ice, I can’t think of anything fancy to do there...maybe some miniature bottles of speciality vodka?
Oh blimey, feeling miserable about presents this year. What he really needs - we both really need - is some time to ourselves without the kids. Maybe I should make him some date night vouchers...but what are the chances of us using them. Not a show stopping pressie either. 🙁

linspins Mon 18-Dec-17 23:24:14

Ooh, maybe a running magazine.
Cosmic, I love your post. Have a great hike.

CosmicSpider Mon 18-Dec-17 23:29:13

If you need time out together, then Holiday Pirates or Groupon is your friend. Book something for the two of you! We had our trip early December and we remembered why we married each other again. Stuff is stuff, but memories are priceless.

Laska5772 Mon 18-Dec-17 23:30:06

How about Black Cow vodka? apparently made from milk .. They have it on offer in Sainsburys right now for £24..

ThroughThickAndThin01 Mon 18-Dec-17 23:31:05

An experience gift? I bought one for dh - night in a boutique hotel for two £119. Valid for a year. That could be your time without the kids?

ThroughThickAndThin01 Mon 18-Dec-17 23:32:36

There are many variations and choices btw. Got mine from Boots and WH Smith do them, and can get them from various companies online.

linspins Mon 18-Dec-17 23:34:35

Wow, Laska..., milk vodka? Certainly different, and on offer, even better!
A night away would be lovely, I’m pretty rubbish at choosing things like that as I get nervous about new places, but a voucher where he could pick the place might work.

ThroughThickAndThin01 Mon 18-Dec-17 23:35:37

Have a look at them OP, lots of them about to choose from.

WetsTheVet Mon 18-Dec-17 23:39:26

I got mine Peter Kay tickets hmm Was so bloody smug to finally have had a good idea for him!

Littlelambpeep Mon 18-Dec-17 23:50:02

A night away or a fancy restaurant would be good.

A north face hooded top?

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