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Help! What can I buy this child for Christmas?

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WombatStewForTea Mon 18-Dec-17 20:17:51

Just realised we've forgotten to buy a present for our friends DD and I'm so out of touch with kids of that age I've no idea what to get and we've not seen her for a few months so I'm not sure what she's into! If we ask parents they'll say not to bother but we want to get her something so any ideas for a nearly 2 year old? Usually buy her books so would like to do something different.

ItsNiceItsDifferentItsUnusual Mon 18-Dec-17 20:20:55

Wooden play food? A wooden cake that can be cut would be lovely, I've also seen a wooden rack of lollies which is nice and colourful. John Lewis and Great Little Trading Company both good for that sort of thing, though probably cheaper elsewhere.

babyitscoldoutsideX Mon 18-Dec-17 20:24:42

Depending on how much you want to spend I'd go for something like a Peppa pig playset, leapfrog sets ie the singing teapot my DD absolutely loved that or the picnic basket And played with them from being 1 and still loves them at 3. You could get very simple jigsaw puzzles or a wooden type. You could get her a dressing up costume, a doll or maybe a bath toy as children love baths.

thenewaveragebear1983 Mon 18-Dec-17 20:24:47

Paw patrol/ peppa pig/ current obsession mechandise? Voucher for local soft play or swimming pool? Anything to do with magnets, pouring water, or making a mess

These would all go down a treat with my Ds age 2, although I'd prefer the voucher as it's delayed gratification and doesn't need to be stored!!

unenthusiasticfuturedancemom Mon 18-Dec-17 20:32:51

I've never met a child that hasn't enjoyed one of those ten quid mini prams you can get on amazon.

moreismore Mon 18-Dec-17 20:34:13

My nearly two year old is obsessed with a new blackboard and chalk. Much easier to make marks than with crayons and he is quite taken by the wiping off!

Katescurios Mon 18-Dec-17 20:38:50

Play doh, baby doll or accessories, duplo, pretend food/pots n pans/kettle etc.

Between 2 and 3 my LG loved anything role play or imagination play, she got a play mobile caravan that became an obsession for months.

BuntyCollocks Mon 18-Dec-17 21:20:16

Selection of Julia Donaldson books. We still love them at nearly 5&7. Also, the book with no pictures. Hilarious.

Dogsmom Mon 18-Dec-17 21:29:29

I always appreciated clothes for my two dd's, especially piranhas as their nappies often leaked in the night so needed a few sets of them.

Dogsmom Mon 18-Dec-17 21:30:50

*pyjamas not piranhas!!!

Please don't buy flesh eating fish for a 2 year old blush

PunkAssMoFo Mon 18-Dec-17 21:34:35

Wow toys are fab for little ones as they are durable & don’t need batteries. Ordered on Friday & they delivered Saturday. There’s a few good offers on too:

Or happy land stuff from elc.

Great for small world and imaginative play.

Intercom Mon 18-Dec-17 21:47:38

A xylophone?

Intercom Mon 18-Dec-17 21:54:43

Howsthings1234 Mon 18-Dec-17 22:00:49

My daughter is a similar age and was bought a magnetic fish game last week as a gift. She LOVES it. It comes in a little tin, 10 magnetic fish and two fishing rods. I was so pleased with the gift as it's compact and we can take it out with us in my handbag. A bit different too!

Xihha Mon 18-Dec-17 22:08:13

Please don't buy flesh eating fish for a 2 year old grin this has really made me laugh.

aquadoodle mats seem to be a massive hit with most of the 2 year olds i know. DD's favourite thing was a little hand puppet theatre.

FoofFighter Mon 18-Dec-17 22:27:24

Tea set
Dressing up stuff
Threading buttons or reels
Chunky jigsaws
Happy land stuff from elc
Stickle bricks

These were all the things my dc played with the most

Avebury Mon 18-Dec-17 22:35:04

Bath toys always good as nice to replace them every now and then when they get scummy

WombatStewForTea Tue 19-Dec-17 00:18:47

Thank you!!! Off to do some googling

SleepingStandingUp Tue 19-Dec-17 00:32:41

Lidl have got some lovely wooden toys on atm.

ProseccoPoppy Tue 19-Dec-17 07:12:09

We bought Melissa and Doug play food for DD. You can get a lovely set of wooden food in little crates for about £15 on Amazon. My DD also loves her doctor set (plastic briefcase thing with a stethoscope and various other bits). Or duplo is always good. You’ll know your friend best but I would be politely asking if there was any way to swap/return a toy pushchair as DD could not have been less interested in that sort of thing. She might have tried to use it as a step to climb on to something high (that’s what she used the scuttlebug for) but that’s about it.

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