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What do vegans do about nits?

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KindergartenKop Mon 18-Dec-17 17:59:50

I'm just waiting for DSs nits to die. He's claiming that he's sad because I'm killing his little friends. What do vegans do?

MumGoneMild Mon 18-Dec-17 18:01:34

I don't get the correlation to not eating meat and treating nits?

Bananalanacake Mon 18-Dec-17 18:04:12

I get you. You mean vegans not vegetarians. I wonder what they'd do about bed bugs if they have them.

putdownyourphone Mon 18-Dec-17 18:04:22

OP has a point. Veganism is rarely just about what they eat, it’s a whole lifestyle based on never being cruel to animals.

Modestine Mon 18-Dec-17 18:04:25

They don't eat them.

They give them to others.

LinoleumBlownapart Mon 18-Dec-17 18:05:34

Well they don't eat them if that's what you're thinking. As far as I'm aware nits are not intensively farmed, at least not on purpose. You might be thinking of Jainism!

SouthySa Mon 18-Dec-17 18:05:52

Their dreads are usually so matted they don’t notice wink

CherryChasingDotMuncher Mon 18-Dec-17 18:06:13

I have read before on MN people who just comb them out and set them free in the garden (not kidding)

Tinselistacky Mon 18-Dec-17 18:06:17

They make them tiny Santa hats and make them Christmas lunch!!

biscuitmillionaire Mon 18-Dec-17 18:06:25

Release them to roam free in the wild? As they can only survive on humans, then that means, see above...

biscuitmillionaire Mon 18-Dec-17 18:07:20

Set them free in the garden LOL!! To feed the birds??

MaidOfStars Mon 18-Dec-17 18:07:58

I guess vegans can justify harming animals in self defence?

Neolara Mon 18-Dec-17 18:08:54

I've been veggie for nearly 30 years. I rescue wasps from swimming pools. I hate nits. I'm very happy to kill them.

KindergartenKop Mon 18-Dec-17 21:47:31

Many vegans don't eat honey because it's using animals for human ends. Killing nits is more cruel than eating honey.

Polarbearpaddle Mon 18-Dec-17 21:50:18

I am not a vegan or a vegetarian.... Should I have been eating my child's nits? I never knew! I've let the meat-eaters down.

KindergartenKop Mon 18-Dec-17 21:57:30

Veganism isn't just about the food you eat, it's about your attitude to animals and animal products. Most vegans don't wear leather or use certain makeup that contains animal products.

MiddlingMum Mon 18-Dec-17 21:59:17

SouthySa that's really offensive.

We are a totally normal family who happen to be a mixture of vegan and vegetarian. Nits normally got combed out with conditioner as I didn't like putting insecticides on my DC's heads. The nits got squashed or washed down the plughole.

georgie262 Mon 18-Dec-17 22:00:51

I thought a lot of people who are vegans are so because of mass farming and the problems with it.

SimultaneousEquation Mon 18-Dec-17 22:02:48

I don’t know but I’m a vegetarian and I kill the buggers with hedrin and a nitty gritty comb.

Bunglecunt Mon 18-Dec-17 22:03:06

I can't speak for all vegans but I kill the little fuckers by whatever means necessary! I'm pretty sure parasites are not the same as sentient beings.

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