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You never forget your first Pratchett...

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MrsWembley Mon 18-Dec-17 16:03:12

Before I start crying as I wrap Father Christmas's Fake Beard for my DD as her introduction to the wonderful world of Terry, please share with me how you found him.

I was 19, spending a lot of time (😉) with the older brother of an old school friend and found Mort lying around. Borrowed it because I was bored one afternoon...

I miss himsad

InfiniteSheldon Mon 18-Dec-17 16:06:06

The Colour of Magic fgrin

FedUpWithBriiiiiick Mon 18-Dec-17 16:06:26

DH has a few Discworld books. I was going to start with The Colour of Magic, but he gave me Equal Rites instead.

The man knows me well 😍

LaContessaDiPlump Mon 18-Dec-17 16:07:35

I was 15 and given Mort off a friend's mum's bookshelf. Amazing.

Have just re-read Hogfather, as tis the season grin

BillywigSting Mon 18-Dec-17 16:08:33

Mort off my dad's bookshelf.

I have a few left to read but can't bring myself to finish them.

I'm not ready to live in a world with no more discworld to read sad

Peopleplease Mon 18-Dec-17 16:09:06

Hogfather - and I didn’t like it!!! Read something else a few years later and loved it - might have been Mort, it had Death in it.

Have read and reread them all since!

Trills Mon 18-Dec-17 16:09:15

Equal Rites was my first one - an odd one with Granny Weatherwax (but not the rest of the witches) going off to visit the Wizards in Ankh Morpork.

boldlygoingsomewhere Mon 18-Dec-17 16:09:51

I was 15 and my older sister was a fan. Started with Equal Rites and never looked back. Hogfather and Wintersmith are my favourite reads at this time of year. His books are so full of wisdom...

Peopleplease Mon 18-Dec-17 16:10:50

Actually - no - it was lords and ladies was my second introduction!

Hont1986 Mon 18-Dec-17 16:11:00

Started with Truckers, Diggers and Wings... don't remember the first Discworld book but I definitely remember Night Watch having the biggest impact.

Hont1986 Mon 18-Dec-17 16:11:01

Started with Truckers, Diggers and Wings... don't remember the first Discworld book but I definitely remember Night Watch having the biggest impact.

hunibuni Mon 18-Dec-17 16:11:27

Started DD(10) with The Dragons of Crumbling Castle along with the televised Hogfather (she loved Death) and she is now well into Discworld 😆 Can't wait for her to get to Good Omens and hopefully it will be the stepping stone to Hitchhikers so I can introduce her to Douglas Adams.

LBOCS2 Mon 18-Dec-17 16:16:46

Mort. Borrowed it from a friend of a friend about 16 years ago and still have it.

My Pratchetts were basically the only books which survived my recent extremely ruthless book cull.

CMOTDibbler Mon 18-Dec-17 16:18:39

I remember it clearly - I was 13 and my brother brought back the Colour of Magic and the Light Fantastic from his university open day visit. We picked him up from the station and he was all excited he'd found these great books at the station book shop in Sheffield.

MaroonPencil Mon 18-Dec-17 16:18:42

I was in what was then third or fourth year at secondary school, I have a very strong memory of reading The Light Fantastic in the form room, followed by The Colour of Magic. I don't know where I got them from, the library probably. My favourite at the time was Mort, then Sourcery. I remember buying Sourcery in hardback as soon as it came out, then reading each one as it came out.

Then it all got a bit samey for me so I stopped reading them so avidly, then came back on board and went back to read the ones I had missed!

AllMyBestFriendsAreMetalheads Mon 18-Dec-17 16:19:23

I have a confession...

<whispers> I haven't read any of his books yet

I know, I know, but I don't know where to start!

So I'm going to watch this thread grin

shakeyourcaboose Mon 18-Dec-17 16:21:33

Guards, Guards or Night Watch- (always had a wee liking for Sam V!)

Strummerville Mon 18-Dec-17 16:24:26

I was 12 or 13 and existing on a diet of pap (Sweet Valley High, cheerleader books etc blush). The librarian at the mobile library my mum used to take me too handed me Good Omens one day. I was dubious, but read it.

Game over.

Blown away by how funny and clever and warm it was. I moved straight on to The Colour of Magic and The Light Fantastic and never looked back!

I remember going in to school and raving about Good Omens to my friends - they borrowed it after me and loved it too smile

I started my DCs early, on the Tiffany books, Amazing Maurice, Truckers series and the Johnny books.

Corneliusmurphy Mon 18-Dec-17 16:24:51

Reaper man or men at arms from the library - totally judged them by their covers and it paid off.
Took me ages to pick up the last novel I couldn't face it being the end sad

Spudlet Mon 18-Dec-17 16:25:03

Lords and Ladies was my first. The Vimes books are my favourites though, much as I love Granny Weatherwax. Albough I also love The Hogfather, and have fond memories of reading it aloud (with the voices, of course) to my broher, who was temporarily blind. When one of our voices ran out, the next person would take over. There weren't so many audio books easily available back then!

'No sugar piggy wiggy for you, Albert' has thus become a family saying...

growinganotherhead Mon 18-Dec-17 16:26:25


Wyrd Sisters! Start with this, it is my favourite and you will be hooked forever. I used to shake the bed with laughter reading it at night.
HD was very hmm

MephistophelesApprentice Mon 18-Dec-17 16:33:13

Light Fantastic. Then back to Colour of Magic. Then Equal Rites. Then Sorcery.

My grand project is to get my mum's book group to read Good Omens. A thousand times better literature than most of the 'bestseller' dreck they groan through.

TinklyLittleLaugh Mon 18-Dec-17 16:43:07

An ex was a big Pratchett fan and I always dismissed them because I loathed the artwork on the covers. Never judge a book by its cover.

Picked up Monstrous Regiment at the library and it was just so warm and compassionate and feminist.

The Witches are my favourite, and also Tiffany. Vimes and Vetinarii of course. I have my kids trained up on Maurice and the Truckers trilogy.

Roomba Mon 18-Dec-17 16:51:46

My friend lent me Lords and Ladies and I loved it! Before that I'd never even attempted a Pratchett as thought they were just for the nerdy Warhammer boys in my class. I had to go out and buy all his previous books afterwards, especially any featuring the Witches.

I'm loving getting DS1 into them now - I started him with Mort as I knew he'd get into that one.

Gammeldragz Mon 18-Dec-17 16:54:13

Dad (who I rarely saw) sent me Hogfather for 11/12th birthday. I was hooked. Pratchett's books got me through years of bullying at school and difficult home life. Spent my breaks in the library reading...
I cried when he died and I am not an emotional person who cries over dead celebs.

DD (7) is reading The Wee Free Men.

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