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Tell me something you have never admitted before

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DoubleRamsey Mon 18-Dec-17 11:58:31

My 4 month old dd has a cold and her way of handling it seems to be for me to cuddle her all day and night and I need something to entertain me.

So I'll start:

When I lived in my last flat I was cleaning the bath one day and noticed there was a lot of clogged hair. I also saw that there was a screw in the plug hole, so feeling very clever I unscrewed it with a screwdriver and gave it a proper clean and then screwed it back. Was very proud of myself. In what I thought was an unrelated incident the next day our neighbour below said that water was leaking into her flat. We called our landlord who called a plumber. The plumber condemned the bathroom and we had a new bathroom put in. All good didn't think anything of it.

Then about 3 years later we had bought a flat and were getting our bathroom done. I was watching the plumber and realised that the pipe for the waste water was attached to the plug hole with a screw, and that all those years earlier I had inadvertently disconnected the waste water pipe and not reconnected it, hence causing the leak. The previous plumber had obviously seen an opportunity to give someone a whole new bathroom when all I need was the waste pipe reattached shock.

I still feel a bit guilty

BulletFox Mon 18-Dec-17 12:19:45

Oh gosh!! You little critter!

I don't think I've ever admitted when my house got destroyed (long story) I used to walk back to it each morning when it got light and then wander around picking up things in a vague manner, as soon as the police boarding was taken down.

I wasn't supposed to go back but I was completely dazed and bewildered at my house suddenly being gone and went back to catnap all the time and wander through the house, it was a ghost house by then as no electrics, no background hum.

Actually I scared the fuck out of 2 inspectors as I awoke from a catnap to hear them come in and opened my door to say hello and they both screamed their head off. I didn't get told off for going back to a destroyed (non occupiable) house but I gave them quite a fright. I just wanted my bedroom!

I only stopped doing that when the water supply went stagnant

DoubleRamsey Mon 18-Dec-17 14:15:43

Oh gosh Bullet that must have been so strange?? How did your house get destroyed??

Anyone else? Surely it's no just me and Bullet who haven't owned up to things! grin

Tinselistacky Mon 18-Dec-17 14:19:19

Once dropped a sausage out of the frying pan into the cat litter tray, scooped it out and shoved it back in the pan!!
It was for my now exh and he was a twat!!

HarrietKettleWasHere Mon 18-Dec-17 14:23:25

I told DP if we sent back our little foster cat back to the rescue she'd be PTS as she's black and white and about 4 and no one would want her. To be fair that might be true; she'd been there so long they were worried she wouldn't know what it was like to be a home cat, hence asking us to have her for a bit. I really laid it on thick, that when the cat went back she'd probably not see Christmas.....

She's my cat now fwink

TheQueenOfWands Mon 18-Dec-17 14:27:25

One of my cats had two kittens (unplanned, total accident).

I told DP how hard I was trying to find them homes, flyers at the vet's, websites, yadda yadda.

I never made any effort to regime them. 7 years on they're still with me.

I regret nothing.

xmasgrinch Mon 18-Dec-17 14:28:21

I went to M&S to buy a bouquet for my very sick grandma and grabbed a sandwich to eat on the way back to the hospital. My brothers had given me £ for the bouquet. I got back in the car and realised I had £56 in my hand - I had only paid for the sandwich. I got out of the car to go back to the shop and suddenly was hit really hard by grief and started sobbing, I nearly wet myself and was shaking violently then I was lain on the floor in the car park. A staff member came out of the store and helped me up and I told her I was a terrible person and a shop lifter but she just gave me a cup of tea and told me to go and see my gran and take the flowers as a gift (I was trying to give her the money in the car park). I am crying now thinking about her kindness. Thanks M&S woman. I miss my gran.

amusedbush Mon 18-Dec-17 14:39:18

I accidentally put DH's fitbit through the wash. Twice, because I forgot to empty the washing machine so ran the load through again.

He found it in a drawer, dead a dodo. He spent a whole evening trying to revive it before complaining to the company and getting a new one blush

Floellabumbags Mon 18-Dec-17 15:57:06

I dropped my phone in the loo at a party and blamed DS. He was 3. In fairness, he had form for that kind of thing.

ShirleyPhallus Mon 18-Dec-17 16:02:31


How did your house get destroyed?

MammaAgata Mon 18-Dec-17 16:08:42

@Bulletfox - I'm sorry for being nosy but how did your house get destroyed?

crackerjacket Mon 18-Dec-17 16:08:42

Got paid for an extra weeks work when I was temping in Australia. I didn't say a word.

CigarsofthePharoahs Mon 18-Dec-17 16:20:53

When I was about 10 and my sister was 13, we really were not getting on at all. We had to share a room and we fought constantly.
I started playing little tricks on her, moving things, hiding stuff etc. I'd then put it back again.
I hid her keys. Door key, school locker key. Then I forgot all about it as it was Friday afternoon. Come Monday morning, she couldn't find them anywhere as I'd hidden them really well. Much panic, many lectures to her from my mum about taking care of her things, etc etc.
My sister basically had a massive anxiety attack and had to go to school without them.
I remembered that afternoon that I'd hidden them, so I moved them to under her duvet where she was bound to find them. My mum found them, and then my sister had to listen to another lecture about putting things away properly and looking for things properly.
We were right gits to each other as children.

DoubleRamsey Mon 18-Dec-17 16:36:53

These are so good!

xmasgrinch that's so lovely of them, you poor thing flowers

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