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PayPal scam text

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llangennith Mon 18-Dec-17 11:41:31

Just received this bogus text allegedly from PayPal. When I opened the link a mock up of their official page asked for my email address and password.
Don’t fall for it!
• If the padlock isn’t at the top it isn’t a secure site.
• If the text doesn’t address you by name, ignore it.

Blackteadrinker77 Mon 18-Dec-17 11:51:48

We received it a few days ago via email with a link to re set the pass word.

Fatso1978 Mon 18-Dec-17 11:55:18

I got the email too the other day.

LIZS Mon 18-Dec-17 12:02:37

Yes have had similar via email, although sender address is random.

achangeisgonnacome Mon 18-Dec-17 12:26:49

Whenever I get these emails I forward them to

llangennith Mon 18-Dec-17 19:51:40

This was a text!

achangeisgonnacome Mon 18-Dec-17 21:00:48

Oops sorry, so it was.

Block and delete?

IWannaSeeHowItEnds Mon 18-Dec-17 21:52:48

I got a similar text too, a couple of days ago. It told me my paypal had been temporarily blocked due to too msny attempted failed log ins. It had a 'helpful' link to get back in.
I don't even have paypal!

Kattymanners Mon 18-Dec-17 21:54:34

I've had plenty by email but never a text.

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