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Happy Birthday!

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hugoagogo Mon 18-Dec-17 09:30:59

To everyone who's birthday is this week and next.cakewineflowerscakewineflowersbear

cjt110 Mon 18-Dec-17 09:33:07

Thank you. Mine is on Friday. smile

confusedofengland Mon 18-Dec-17 09:36:47

DS1's was yesterday, so thank you from him wink Just his party to get through this afternoon then we can think about putting up the Christmas tree & wrapping Christmas presents.

Happy birthday to all other mid-December babies

Debby08 Mon 18-Dec-17 09:40:56

Happy birthday everyone. My dear Mum is next week as well! Lots of reasons to celebrate indeed. smile

Tinselistacky Mon 18-Dec-17 09:47:18

Dd is New Year's Eve and for the first time in her ten years I have bought and wrapped her presents. And card written.!! Dh is 30th and need a gift but card ready!!

hugoagogo Mon 18-Dec-17 13:23:16

Afternoon bump.grin

hugoagogo Mon 18-Dec-17 20:30:24


Lostflipflop Mon 18-Dec-17 20:33:08

Thank you, it is my birthday today!

DH is away with work and I have been home by myself most of the day!

The children made me a poster and wrote me a poem which was lovely.

DH is going to take me for a nice meal when he gets back!

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