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I can remember things, but my memories are disjointed, anyone else?

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rockshandy Mon 18-Dec-17 09:26:00

I just saw on Facebook that it has been 8 months since a particular event happened in my life. It shocked me, because although I remember the event in great detail, I really had no idea that so much time had passed.

This got me thinking and I have realised that while I can remember a lot of things, and don't have trouble with remembering details, my memories are mostly standalone. So I can remember doing something but I don't remember the context, the day of the week, sometimes even the month/time of year, or what else was going on in my life at the same time.

Is anyone else like this?

When I was a child I had an excellent memory. Crystal clear and sharp as a tack. I am 30 now and it has been feeling pretty foggy the past few years. I have also found myself getting bad at remembering names and faces despite never having a problem with that before.

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