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What’s different from this time last year?

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tigercub50 Sun 17-Dec-17 23:02:53

I always get reflective at this time of year. If I look back to just before Christmas 2016, things were pretty dire. In fact, a month later, DH was going to leave. I was out of work & we were struggling financially.
Now, I have a job which is looking to become permanent & we have downsized plus paid off our mortgage. Our marriage is a million times better & I am so glad we didn’t end up separating. I am also skinnier, having lost over a stone, and have short hair after quite a few years with it long.

JaneyGotAGun Sun 17-Dec-17 23:54:19

I always feel quite reflective too this time of year, especially with the new year approaching.

Glad things are on the up for you OP.

Mine is I have a baby

ChanandlerBongsNeighbour Mon 18-Dec-17 00:09:34

Sooo much is different for me! I have a completely different/new life due to relocating hundreds of miles across the country.

My old life seems like a lifetime ago. I get very sad thinking about last Christmas.

Goddamitt Mon 18-Dec-17 00:12:39

I had split from my exH four months but he was still living in the house in the spare room and we hadn’t told the children. I had met a lovely man but he lived 200 miles away. This year the man is here, and my exH is coming for Christmas lunch with me and him and the children. Modern families eh..

Cagliostro Mon 18-Dec-17 00:35:00

We are in the black for the first time in years

I have ditched a toxic friend who was making my and my DD's lives hell

I have a lovely unplanned baby grin

RosesInTheHospital Mon 18-Dec-17 00:43:48

I have a rather lovely unplanned baby. He is both the best and hardest thing I have ever dealt with.

I chucked out his DF as he is a hairy prick. I am absolutely a good single mum.

OhNoGroken Mon 18-Dec-17 00:53:00

This time last year we were just starting to discuss baby number two. She’s now 2 months old and sleeping in the Moses basket next to me. I didn’t realise babies could be this content so I’m officially giving myself a break over the PND and subsequent guilt I had with my firstborn.

We are also now financially solvent (really hope that continues!) and I have drawn a line in the sand re: some of DH’s family who only ever caused me unhappiness.

Poor DCat isn’t well though and one of the kids is having some health problems that I hope can be managed better this coming year.

Benby Mon 18-Dec-17 00:59:23

Our much longed for dc4 is here. No more babies for us though as touch and go for me after delivery. Our family is complete and we have 4 beautiful healthy children.
My dm got the all clear from a health scare thank God.
Three weeks not talking to my mil so this Christmas is looking to be our best yet 😁😁

tobee Mon 18-Dec-17 01:09:35

We are all a year older (hmmgrinconfused).

Dd back home after graduating. Ds left home to become undergraduate. That's about it!

verystressedmum Mon 18-Dec-17 01:19:10

Dd was having treatment for cancer this time last year it finished just before the new year, she’s now in remission.
2017 wasn’t the best year either so here’s hoping 2018 will be a good one.

passemoilevin Mon 18-Dec-17 01:21:23

Last year I was in the midst of so much abuse. I was being controlled and treated terribly. Just leading up to Christmas/ Boxing Day 2016 which was truly shocking and awful - that was the catalyst I needed to put a stop to it all.

So after a gazillion court cases this year, the wanker can't hurt me anymore.

Looking forward to see what next year holds. I finally graduate. Thinking about relocating with my little DD. Maybe I'll meet someone 🤷🏽‍♀️. Who knows. Really proud of what I've accomplished this year.

AndNoneForGretchenWieners Mon 18-Dec-17 01:40:16

I have a promotion and am much less anxious. However DH is on unpaid long term sick leave with cancer and may need to give up work completely or at the very least go part time, so my additional wages are only making up the difference in income rather than making us more comfortable.

However since DH was diagnosed, he has had two lots of surgery and the surgeon is hopeful he has saved his life. If he hadn't got pneumonia in the summer we wouldn't have known about the cancer, and the surgeon estimates he would have been dead within 3 months of now without surgery. It's a sobering thought.

SleepingStandingUp Mon 18-Dec-17 01:43:59

Last year we had spent April-August solid in children's hospital then back and forth to mid December. This year we've had a PAU few hours trip for a poorly throat.

Last year said toddler (19 months) couldn't walk - now he doesn't bloody sit still!!
Last year his communication was really limited. This year although non verbal still, he communicates largely very well.

DFIL is less well.

DF is more grumpy

dontbesillyhenry Mon 18-Dec-17 01:44:03

Very stressed that's fab news.

My god daughter is no longer with us sad
Nor is my gallbladder but that's good
Seem to be a lot worse off in terms of time and finances this year

Bue Mon 18-Dec-17 01:45:59

I too have an utterly lovely unplanned baby, DD2 smile... sounds like a lot of holiday shagging by mumsnetters last year! I have also finally finished a long, difficult course I had to do to register in my profession here in my home country, and I will finally be starting a job in my field here in the new year. It has been such an eventful year.

SleepIsForTheWeek Mon 18-Dec-17 02:32:27

This time last year I was a timid little mouse going through a divorce from my exH who was determined to break me and take everything from me. I fought for my life and a year on am stronger and more confident and happier than I have ever been.

YeahRightOk Mon 18-Dec-17 04:25:07

Will leave my job for sure in July 18. Wasn't sure about this, this time last year but I've made up my mind that I'm definitely going in 6 months. Can't wait.

BalloonDinosaur Mon 18-Dec-17 04:35:47

In contrast to this time last year, I'm not pregnant, DS is nearly 1, which is a crazy scary thought.

My DM and DSis still aren't speaking after a pre-Christmas bust up.
I'm pretty much the only one who is speaking to DSis at the moment and it's a bloody nightmare to be honest sad

PrimeraVez Mon 18-Dec-17 05:10:31

DC1 has gone from a bald, chubby 10 month old to a golden haired, chatty toddler.

I now know the horrific heartbreak of miscarriage.

I am now 14 weeks pregnant with DC2.

I have changed role at work and am ten times happier and in line for a promotion in the New Year.

We moved from a cramped apartment to a beautiful house with a big garden in a gorgeous community.

We have finally started taking control of our finances and we are going into 2018 with a good, long-term savings plan in place.

My relationship with my mother has deteriorated quite badly.

LolitaLempicka Mon 18-Dec-17 05:12:50

My son is well! Still some way to go, but less scary than this time last year.

DollyLlama Mon 18-Dec-17 05:21:28

I had a second child who has made everything complete for my partner and I (someone just needs to tell my hormones that 2 is plenty!)

I’ve also gone NC with my mother. Some days it feels like the best thing I’ve ever done, others, I feel like a monster.

We were going to spend Christmas with her this year so that’s eating at me quite a lot. Hoping I can enjoy my new baby’s first Christmas and not let that overshadow it.

meltingsugar Mon 18-Dec-17 05:42:13

I get anxious as opposed to reflective. Last year was awful for me, and I'm waiting for life to flip and start going the same way again.

In the last year we have gotten married, moved house, both changed jobs and I'm changing job again in a few months. We were TTC but had no joy after a few months which was when my new role showed up. Hopefully we will become more financially stable and a bit more settled before we TTC again this time next year. Lots has happened the last few years and we could do with a period of calm. I am changing role to improve my work life balance (halving commute etc), so trying to focus on my marriage mainly.

nomorespaghetti Mon 18-Dec-17 05:42:56

One year ago we thought DD had glue ear and some possible hearing loss, now we know she is profoundly deaf. One year ago she couldn't hear anything and didn't make any noise, now she has cochlear implants and she calls me mama ❤️

wasMissD Mon 18-Dec-17 05:48:51

This time last year I was pregnant and suffering with terrible health anxiety which I've suffered with for years- the pregnancy iced the anxiety cake!

I now have a 4 month old son, and couldn't be happier.

Sunnysidegold Mon 18-Dec-17 05:59:40

Last Christmas I was suicidal at times due to working in a toxic environment which caused a massive breakdown. I genuinely could see no way out. It was a very dark time.

Through medication and community mental health services I am now a fully functional adult again! I left my. Job, swearing I wouldn't work in that field again, but I am actually part-time.Working now and loving it.

I cannot believe I am happy. I am very proud of how family supported me and very proud of how far I've come.

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