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Where does longer length men's tshirts?

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Librarybooksandacoconut Sun 17-Dec-17 09:46:01

Dh is 6"5 and impossible to buy for. So I'm going to add to his extremely minimalist wardrobe for Christmas. Because of his height, his tshirts always sit slightly too short (which bothers me than it does him). Does anyone know who on the high street which does longer length tops without having to go to some sort of specialist shop?

MrsPear Sun 17-Dec-17 10:05:37

Do you have any idea of length required? Get a cloth tape measure and check. Lands end do 30” length on tall

wildone81 Sun 17-Dec-17 10:08:49

Jacamo do longer length tshirts in the wardrobe basics section...£6 each or 2 for £10 and they wash really well smile

MentholBreeze Sun 17-Dec-17 10:09:36

For plain ones, DP buys t-shirts by Haynes on Amazon.

For nice ones, the best source we've found is snow-boarder gear - it seems they like long hoodies/t-shirts!

MentholBreeze Sun 17-Dec-17 10:11:02

sorry - Hanes

these ones

roobrr Sun 17-Dec-17 10:11:25

M&S have longer length fittings in their 'big & tall' range

Mupflup Sun 17-Dec-17 10:16:16

DH got some in Next a little while ago

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