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What has been the single most defining moment in your life?

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Farontothemaddingcrowd Sat 16-Dec-17 21:38:09

I don't think I've had mine yet. I think a turning point was when my ex h gambled a months salary and then tried to hide it by borrowing from his mum. I sobbed and sobbed in my car and then left him.
Still feel in a state of flux though. What are the moments that defined/changed you?

IloveblinkingIdo Sat 16-Dec-17 21:42:10

Similar to you OP, it was when I left my abusive ex and fled to a refuge. Life has never been better. Advice to anyone considering they might be miserable in their relationship: LEAVE! It's hard, but it's worth it and don't waste your life.

bimbobaggins Sat 16-Dec-17 22:05:41

When my ex p passed away this year leaving me the sole parent of my ds. I have changed more this year than I have my whole life.

eyeoresancerre Sat 16-Dec-17 22:45:59

When my father cut me out of his will when I was 18. Cut me out the will and cut me out of his life. Learnt to never trust someone again.

TheQueenOfWands Sat 16-Dec-17 22:47:12

Leaving exH with nothing but DS. Showed me how strong I was.

AllBellyandBoobs Sat 16-Dec-17 22:53:03

The sudden death of my dad. I went from happy go lucky, never wanting children, out for fun and a good career to spiralling into depression for 2-3 years, getting help and now married with two children and a stay at home mum (although starting a new job in the new year)

MrRayaUmasTurban Sat 16-Dec-17 23:56:15

Leaving the house I bought with everything in it p, including my exh, on a freezing winter day with no defined future to speak of.

Julutheskunk Sun 17-Dec-17 00:00:07

My first job out of uni, it was what I studied my degree in, it's what I'd always dreamed of doing, then my boss got arrested and it made me wake up to the fact that I hated the industry and found the people who worked in it, (not all but definetly the important people) kind of immoral and I was heading down that path too, jacked it in. Retrained, moved countries, much happier with life now.

ShoesHaveSouls Sun 17-Dec-17 00:03:21

Going to University.

Without a doubt, this changed my life forever - I had been so awkward and shy - but went miles away to a new city, and just had a complete fresh start, came out of my shell, had an amazing experience. Met my DH too.

leccybill Sun 17-Dec-17 00:08:04

Left my teaching job.

Fuckit2017 Sun 17-Dec-17 00:13:54

When my abuser said he was sorry.
When I told depression to fuck of I'm not living with it anymore (it was like a light)
When my dad died.

Tatiannatomasina Sun 17-Dec-17 00:14:02

Joined the police. Emigrated. Married my 2nd DH.

Iflsido Sun 17-Dec-17 00:17:01

Signed up for uni

GrooovyLass Sun 17-Dec-17 00:28:04

When I had my DD. Or more accurately finding out is was pregnant. I was a party girl: sex and drugs and rock n roll. Had to grow up pretty sharpish! She's now 18 and still the centre of my world.

KeepServingTheDrinks Sun 17-Dec-17 00:46:49

giving birth.

Koala2018 Sun 17-Dec-17 00:48:28

Interesting question! When my ex-heroin addict, physically/mentally abusive mother acknowledged any wrong doings in my childhood. I was able to forgive her and now we're best friends.

chubbymummy Sun 17-Dec-17 02:07:45

When I had to break the news to a class full of 6 year olds that their friend had died, then slap on a smile, keep my shit together and keep teaching for the rest of the day.
My own son was also 6 at the time and I was already feeling fragile due to having just lost a baby. I found an inner strength that I never knew I had.

westcoastnortherneragain Sun 17-Dec-17 02:28:50


dontwanttogetshafted Sun 17-Dec-17 02:40:04

When my parents separated when I was in my teens it felt like my world had ended. It was a massive loss of security & like everything I thought I knew was wrong.

Becoming a mother.

MrsGB2225 Sun 17-Dec-17 02:42:04

Calling off my wedding
Finding out i was pregnant

hungryradish Sun 17-Dec-17 02:43:15

Watching a beloved family member take their last breaths. Watching someone you love pass away really does make you realise how short/precious life is. I know we all know that anyway, by it really hits home after that.

RemainOptimistic Sun 17-Dec-17 02:50:45

Having a psychotic episode due to a combo of drugs and my mother screaming at me yet again. I knew something was dreadfully, horribly wrong.

Strokethefurrywall Sun 17-Dec-17 03:31:01

Watching my younger brother die. The moment that I knew that life as I knew it, would never be the same again.

practicallyperfectinmyway Sun 17-Dec-17 03:51:24

When I left my DH for current partner - 20 years ago

Finding out my 5 to DS was sexually abused by my business partner - 4 years ago. He's inside (again) for further offences now.

Finding out the lies and deceit current partner has spun me in the past year - found out on Friday.

If I'd been told (as a teenager) all this would happen to me I'd have stayed single tbh.

practicallyperfectinmyway Sun 17-Dec-17 03:51:57

That's my 5 yo son.

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