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30 mins of telly a day for under 3s??!!

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Kissisforpirate Sat 16-Dec-17 18:38:12

I read a notice about telly watching and young kids in the library earlier. It said under 3s should only have 30 mins a day.

Does anyone really only give their toddlers half an hour a day? Even when you and/or they are ill? What about over Christmas and other holidays?

I know telly is bad for them and there are better, more educational things for them to do, but quite frankly most parents of toddlers I know are worn out and want an easy life.

So, does anyone really limit their kid's telly time that much?

TheQueenOfWands Sat 16-Dec-17 18:40:14

DS learnt a lot from watching Numberjacks and similar.

I'm no teacher and I'm glad that the effort has been made to make programs which teach.

I think children's television is incredibly well thought out.

TheQueenOfWands Sat 16-Dec-17 18:40:56

Although 12 years on I still get random earworms of the various theme tunes...

Atalune Sat 16-Dec-17 18:41:00

I didn’t reKlt let mine watc much tv at all when they were little and we still go days without the goggle box.

However I don’t think 30 mins or so a day is nothing to clutch your pearls about.

knaffedoff Sat 16-Dec-17 18:42:20

Watching with interest.... I always feel bad as mine have too much screen time but unless we are out/ I am actively entertaining them they are enjoying screen time and ultimately I need to wash pots/ cook dinners and this takes about an hour!!!

GreenBook Sat 16-Dec-17 18:48:48

Mine had half an hour most days (one show) at that age - more if ill, at someone's house who has the TV on a lot, or with grandparents. I did quite a bit of cooking with dd2 on my back in a sling, as that was always the crunch time.

NerrSnerr Sat 16-Dec-17 18:49:26

It depends on the day for us. Yesterday my daughter had no screen time but today she’s had a fair bit. She’s watched a fair amount of Peppa but we’ve done lots of other stuff. We tend not to limit screen time on home days and she tends to watch an episode or 2 then go off and do something else for half an hour or so.

MrsMotherHen Sat 16-Dec-17 18:52:32

Oh lets get real we have the telly on all day when were home. My boy 2 wont sit and actively watch it all day or say half the day if weve been out that day usually from 9/10am to 4pm most days.

But he watchs alot more than 30mins. We do so many other things am not worried.
He loves reading books and playing kitchens and shops. We go out to the parks and play groups, the beach, museums and art galleries.

GorgonzolaForever Sat 16-Dec-17 18:53:54

We watch more. I don't care. I agree that children's tv is generally well thought out. Cbeebies really is fab. There are very few shows which are not educational in one way or another.

Other shows like Paw Patrol etc are less educational and I do tend to 'limit' those a little bit, but only because there is better stuff available, not because I think TV is 'damaging'.

At the same time I sort of understand why there is a poster about it in the library, as I'm sure there are many cases of neglected children just being left infront of the TV all day every day (amongst many other things of course). But the two are, in my opinion not 'linked'. A well cared for child who has supportive carers will be fine watching a fair bit of TV! A neglected child with a chaotic and problematic home life will, I suspect be watching a lot of TV too, but the TV won't be causing them 'harm'. IYSWIM?

ImAMarshmellow Sat 16-Dec-17 19:00:35

My ds is 15 months and he's really not that interested in tv. He likes a few specific nursery rhymes on YouTube, aside from that he doesn't care. He seems much happy playing with his Toys. Probably watches 30 mins if that a day.
If I'm cookin etc he just follows me into the kitchen and turns the washing machine on and off repeatedly angry
I do think that kids tv is becoming more and more educational, and I do sometimes worry if he's falling behind because he doesn't watch tv? We play games and read books, but I do wonder if he is getting less development because he's not exposed to some stuff on tv.

stargirl1701 Sat 16-Dec-17 19:04:51

We did no screens for both DD1 and DD2 until 2 years as was the AAP guideline at the time.

Outdoors was the answer for us.

At 5 and 3, they still only watch CBeebies during dinner prep. The nursery (they are both at the same) is a forest school so no screens there either.

Loverunandwine Sat 16-Dec-17 19:07:27

Monday to Friday I try to only put it on at 5.30 (start bedtime at 6.30). Sat and Sunday he is allowed it first thing as well.

FellOutOfBed2wice Sat 16-Dec-17 19:09:24

Well if we are at home then CBeebies is generally on in the background. On my days off and weekend days (so four days a week) my 3yro and 15mo are getting far more than their 30mins but I can’t get too het up about it.... it’s edicational stuff and they’re playing while it’s on. The telly was always on when we were kids with similar kind of shows and it neither hindered our ability to play imaginatively nor our educational achievements.

As with most things, best to look at your own situation and circumstances and apply common sense I think.

OkPedro Sat 16-Dec-17 19:12:53

Watching tv in moderation is fine for kids, I've never heard of tv being bad for anyone really..
My dc 9 and 6 watched tv and played their tablets from 8am till 11 this morning. They've been in their room for the last 3 hours building a tent, playing Lego and now they have set up a school..
We'll watch a Christmas movie now till bedtime at 9

ChequeredPasta Sat 16-Dec-17 19:14:48

Me and my siblings watched she’d loads of tv as children. Like loads and loads.
2 of us are medics, 1 is a lawyer. We are all healthy and happy.
I think it’s a load of bollocks. As someone said upthread, if all children do is watch tv, then they’ll suffer as they misss out on vital thinks like being read to, being outdoors etc.
If you do all those things with your children, I don’t think a ‘set’ amount of tv is required.
100 were ago everyone was pearl clutching about women reading....

howthelightgetsin Sat 16-Dec-17 19:18:12

I don’t think it is weird to say 30 mins. They’re hardly going to recommend hours a day. My toddler watches more than that, and it’s not something I’m proud of, but also not something I am going to stop doing as he is read to a lot and played with a lot and TV sort of fills the gaps, allows me to get dressed, entertain him in the car, let’s me relax with a cup of tea for 5 mins between playing etc etc.

Dancinggoat Sat 16-Dec-17 19:20:20

Using the TV so you can cook tea etc is ideal. It's having it on all the time which isn't great. Less language is used. Their concentration is disrupted. I work in the families home. I ask for the TV off and nearly every child's eyes go automatically to the TV even when off out of habit. They get upset if it's switched off. But after half an hour of it off they engage better , play in a more concentrated and productive way and respond to activities more enthusiastically. Having the TV on a lot means they don't learn to entertain themselves. They play more imaginatively and extend their games.
TV definitely has its place with preschoolers but only in a limited amount.

OhMyGoddd Sat 16-Dec-17 19:22:41

Agree with dancing goat, I am happy for them to watch more than half an hour, but it's never on in the background.

elmo1980 Sat 16-Dec-17 19:24:08

If we are having a lazy day at home we will have tv on in the background but it won't be kids tv it will be stuff we want to watch. Ds sits and plays with his toys and occasionally looks up at the tv if it's something that appeals to him (e.g. catchphrase). I often feel guilty about this and wonder if kids tv may be slightly educational for him but then I worry he will actually watch it more.

welshweasel Sat 16-Dec-17 19:25:56

During the week DS gets 30 minutes of TV before bed as it makes him wind down and he drinks his milk. At weekends he also watches it on the tablet in the morning in bed with us whilst we have a cup of tea for 30 minutes or so. So an hour max. We never have the TV on in the background when DS is awake.

ladymelbourne1926 Sat 16-Dec-17 19:30:49

We don't have a tv, and only I have a iPad to watch films or sso my three youngest pretty much don't watch anything. My ds1 watches time team, and other documentaries sometimes.
I appreciate I'm unusual though.
And tbh I see no really harm in watching television. It just doesn't work for us.

eddiemairswife Sat 16-Dec-17 19:43:06

Didn't really have a problem when mine were that age. There was Playschool in the morning, Watch with Mother after lunch, and children's TV at 5ish wasn't aimed at the little ones.

haba Sat 16-Dec-17 19:46:14

My children had no television at all as toddlers. If you know it's bad for them, why would you?

HeyMicky Sat 16-Dec-17 19:49:07

Holidays and sick days don't count. Ditto long journeys

Both of mine have less than 30mins most days (5.3 and 2.7). HOWEVER both DH and I work out of the home and the DDs are in bed by 7. There is simply no time for TV during the week. It would be entirely different if one of us was at home more with the kids, and it's definitely creeping up on weekends

RockinRobinTweets Sat 16-Dec-17 19:52:29

Pfb had no telly before 2 and still doesn’t do any other screens beyond a little telly a few years later BUT we have always worked and we only had to do 2 days a week active childcare.

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