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Heinz Wolff has died!

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SurelyYoureJokingMrFeynman Sat 16-Dec-17 17:30:15

I used to love him in the Royal Institution Christmas lectures.

GarkandGookin Sat 16-Dec-17 17:35:19

Oh! sad
He was brilliant.

Anymajordude Sat 16-Dec-17 17:45:13

I loved The Great Egg Race. Sad news.

SurelyYoureJokingMrFeynman Sat 16-Dec-17 19:16:52

Oh yes yes, the Great Egg Race.

Soo much fun.

ThreeLeggedCat Sat 16-Dec-17 19:21:57

My Dad interviewed him once and got me a signed photo ❤️

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