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Poor Rebecca rabbit

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tiffanysfanny Fri 15-Dec-17 22:27:21

I have just noticed that Rebecca rabbit does not feature in the ski story line. I think it was in the mountains somewhere like the alps. All the other animal friends where there. While reading the book, Dd was counting all the animals, she then asked where Rebecca rabbit was. I didn't have the heart to tell her she was too poor to go skiing.
It's the one where mummy rabbit wins the medal for skiing losing her balance and everything goes wrong. But she wins in the end.

LadyDeadpool Fri 15-Dec-17 22:36:16

Maybe Rebecca broke her leg and so couldn't take part in the skiing like Pedro broke his leg and didn't get shot. So unrealistic.

tiffanysfanny Sat 16-Dec-17 15:14:49

True. But rebbecca never goes on holiday even when Peppa did around the world visiting her friends. I might have forgotten where she went.

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