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Has anyone got a child behind at school?

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DB24 Fri 15-Dec-17 14:23:57

My daughters teacher has told me she is behind in literacy and maths. I have identified the following problems: slow reading, sounds robotic rather than smooth IYSWIM, she frequently skips lines but not words, good at arithmetic, but very slow with comprehension, that's written and verbal comprehension. She has done some SATs type comprehension papers at school and the results have been dismal.sad Really only picking up points where the answer is a true or false. Anything that requires thought is either just left by her or wrong. She's always had issues but until now we have been told she is immature, she will catch up, blah, blah. Maybe it's the new teacher, or perhaps because she is now in year 5, I am suddenly being called in to be told she is behind but no real suggestions on what to do! When she is interested in something she is fine, but very easily distracted. I can't imagine how she copes in a class of 30. Well, not well by all accounts.

I am getting nervous as secondary school is on the horizon. Does anyone have experience of a child being behind? What helped? I am already spending about 30 mins a day going over times tables, alternating between literacy and maths comprehension papers starting with year 4, reading etc. It's just all so frustrating. Should I consider a tutor?

I have also wondered about SEN. I don't think it could be dyslexia as she can spell very well but have been looking at getting her assessed by a behavioural optometrist to work out if there are tracking issues. Should I get an Ed psych opinion?

Just feeling a bit down about it. And if I have to hear one more person telling me how marvellously their children are doing I will scream. wink

Heatherjayne1972 Fri 15-Dec-17 14:41:33

My boy in year 5 is behind. The senco is on it with huge help from the teaching staff and we’ve been referred to chams as he may have add/adhd
I would suggest an appointment with the senco see what they suggest
I share your fears btw op secondary school isn’t far off

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