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Not sure where DP stands on this

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sobeyondthehills Fri 15-Dec-17 10:24:42

DP works in a toy shop, on Saturday he had a customer come in wanting a doll houses pre built, all they had was the display one, but the manager didn't want to sell that one, the customer took one in its box and came to a deal with my partner out of the store, that my partner build it for him and the guy pay him.

This thing has come home and been built and its fucking massive, especially in a small house. Plus we are keeping all the boxes it came in, just incase.

However, my partner has been unable to get hold of the guy, he has phoned and texted at different times and no reply. I had a thought that maybe the guy is planning to use my house as a storage till Christmas day.

Its a £90 doll house. I have 2 cats, a mad dog and a son who just wants to play with the new toy. I am terrified its going to get damaged. The guy has my partners phone number, plus knows where we live, and where my partner works.

I have no idea, if I just have to suck it up till Christmas and if its still not been collected, consider I now have a nice new dolls house. Whether it would be acceptable for me to start posting in local groups to see if I can find this guy (partner doesn't have facebook)

We have to keep shifting this thing around to make room and again I am worried its going to get damaged.


LaurieFairyCake Fri 15-Dec-17 10:25:59

Has he been paid in advance ?

sobeyondthehills Fri 15-Dec-17 10:31:07

No, wasn't paid in advanced, DP didn't see the point, as we have the doll's house

SleepingStandingUp Fri 15-Dec-17 10:35:17

Did he take any other details from him? What was agreement on etc?

sobeyondthehills Fri 15-Dec-17 10:46:50

From what I got from DP, no he only got a phone number and name, but gave the guy his phone number and home address. Told him, he would probably build in that night (Saturday) if not it would be Sunday and he would give him a ring, but we could only really keep it a couple of days

SleepingStandingUp Fri 15-Dec-17 10:51:39

Can he rake OT back to the shop?

SleepingStandingUp Fri 15-Dec-17 10:51:48

Take it

sobeyondthehills Fri 15-Dec-17 11:23:39

I suggested that, but its been bought and built, I am also not sure if DP was technically allowed to do this.

I shall suggest it again

Cantuccit Fri 15-Dec-17 11:28:19

I would text the guy to say he needs to collect it by 6pm on Sunday 17th Dec or you will donate it to the local charity shop.

SleepingStandingUp Fri 15-Dec-17 11:34:36

I .meant more for storage. Is def give them a deadline like Cant suggested.

Hi AnnoyingMan. As discussed the dolls house is now up and ready for collection. I did expalon that it would be up by X at latest and could only store it for X days. As I cannot reach you we will not be keeping it beyond X date. I will be sending it to Sleeping whose son really wants a dolls house the local children's hospice/ hospital etc

BreakfastAtSquiffanys Fri 15-Dec-17 11:38:39

He's definitely using you for storage, as obviously it's too big to hide from his own children until Christmas day.

curryforbreakfast Fri 15-Dec-17 11:40:22

Your partner took an item home from work that hadn't been paid for, and built it, for some other guy?

Wow, was that a bad idea! He has stolen from his job and could be in an awful lot of trouble.

Codlet Fri 15-Dec-17 11:41:54

Curry, I assume the DP paid for it and the guy will pay him back.

CotswoldStrife Fri 15-Dec-17 11:42:35

From what you've said, your partner didn't pay for the house the customer did - so I think you're going to have to keep it for a bit longer!

curryforbreakfast Fri 15-Dec-17 11:43:10

I suppose that could be it, OP doesn't say. That would also be rather silly though, the guy could just not want it, and you're out 90 quid?

steppemum Fri 15-Dec-17 11:46:23

OP - I am really hoping that the guy paid for the doll's house, and just didn't pay your dp for the putting it together?

sobeyondthehills Fri 15-Dec-17 11:47:25

The customer has paid for it, nothing wrong there. The customer hasn't paid my partner for building it, money on collection type thing.

I was thinking of getting my partner to tell him we were going away, but its a very easy lie to get caught in.

Ultimately this is my partners mess to sort out, but I am the one shuffling round this thing. I will get him to text something like Sleeping has said then send it to sleeping

sobeyondthehills Fri 15-Dec-17 11:51:05

Just to clarify, where I said I am not sure if my partner is allowed to do this, some companies have a no tip policy, which is what this can be construed as.

Also if I start going on local groups asking if anyone knows this guy, I am going to have to mention the shop's name, which is also under the social media policy in his contract.

steppemum Fri 15-Dec-17 11:53:20

OK, I would text him - we need the house collected asap. School holidays start today and the house will get damaged where it is, and we will be away on and off all holidays, so you may miss us, and miss your Christmas present.

Deadline for collected, midday Saturday 16th.

sobeyondthehills Fri 15-Dec-17 12:14:23

Schools round here dont break up another week, but I will get DP to write something similar

SleepingStandingUp Fri 15-Dec-17 13:31:48

I'll keep my eye open for a delivery van 😀😀

sobeyondthehills Fri 15-Dec-17 13:53:54

It will be a big delivery van, I have just measured the thing and I am not sure it is going to fit in my car, even if I was to try and take it back to the store, or offer to deliver it to the guy

TroelsLovesSquinkies Fri 15-Dec-17 14:25:05

Tell him to text pick up by xx time or I'm pulling it apart again and he can pick it up in shop where he bought it in pieces in the box if it hasn't been resold

shakemysilliesout Fri 15-Dec-17 14:31:13

I'd just take it back to work and find somewhere to store it there and customer can then pick up from store

sobeyondthehills Fri 15-Dec-17 17:42:46

I am getting DP to ask if they will store it at work, but there is limited room (this is from DP) he is also not sure why they would, as far as the shop is concerned they have done their bit by selling it, its not like any shop would store Christmas presents so the kids don't find them

although that is a good idea

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