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Physical Symptoms of Anxiety?

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BeStillMyBeatingHeart Fri 15-Dec-17 02:22:34

I'm a 9+ year Mnetter, nc for this.

Since I was a child, I've found it difficult sometimes to get a deep breath. As a kid, I called it 'an over-breath' that I couldn't get, the ones that fill your lungs with air! I thought it was completely normal until only recently - I genuinely thought it was the same for everyone. This bit may not be relevant!

Over the last few years, I've experienced increasingly frequent bouts of breathlessness, as in feeling as though I'm breathing through a straw and that my lungs are not inflating properly at all until I get that 'big breath.'

At night, during spells of this, I've woken up gasping for breath, as though my body has literally stopped breathing, and I've had to to sit bolt upright to 'shock' my body into getting a proper breath. As soon as I do, I'm okay again.

I have a very slow pulse and heart rate as normal. I thought I was allergic to nuts or something, but blood tests came back okay.
However, I notice a marked increase in breathlessness if I eat pumpkin seeds?! Probably a coincidence?

I mention anxiety, as I've got a history of work-related panic attacks and fairly intense health anxiety following two scary health 'things' in the last few years. I do get very anxious about stuff, but not outwardly. Most people would think I'm fine.

Could my night time stopping-breathing be related to anxiety? Does any of this tie together? Sorry for the long post. I'm at my wits end and very breathless at the moment.

I will visit the dr, but I have tried that. No allergies (had the basic tests) and an abnormal heart rhythm but apparently not worrying.

Any advice?

JollyGiraffe Fri 15-Dec-17 02:26:01

I get the thing in the middle of the night. It's a nocturnal panic attack - I get the sitting bolt upright with racing heart and breathlessness. Takes a few minutes to subside (actually the reason I'm awake now grin)

BeStillMyBeatingHeart Fri 15-Dec-17 02:35:25

Hope you're okay Jolly! Thanks for that. I'll do some googling tomorrow. I'm going to try to get some sleep now I guess! Thanks in advance for any more replies that I'll read in the morning.

Brightredpencil Fri 15-Dec-17 03:09:59

Hmmm I think I'd be returning to the doctor of I were you.
I sometime get a similar feeling of not being able to take a while lung full of air but I have MASSIVE breasts and sometimes my DP sort of holds them up for me so I can inhale fully!!
But, back to you; I do think breathlessness is worth checking out - have you ever done a peak flow test? How fit are you?
Hope you feel better soon I have fairly significant anxiety and so I know how awful it feels. Good luck.

WatchTheFoxes Fri 15-Dec-17 03:30:09

Could it be sleep apnoea? With that you don't breathe correctly while you are sleeping.

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