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A whole year today (15/12) since my DH died

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tunnocksagain Fri 15-Dec-17 00:22:04

What a wonderful man. Just 37. My true love xxxxxxxx

Screamer1 Fri 15-Dec-17 00:23:38

I'm so sorry. It must be such a difficult time for you. What was his name? flowers

Purpleknickers Fri 15-Dec-17 00:24:28

❤️❤️ you must have so many treasured memories of him but it also must be so hard, thinking of you x

GrockleBocs Fri 15-Dec-17 00:26:40

Ah Tunnocks I hope you are doing as OK as it's possible to be. You took bloody good care of him. I was someone else a year ago but I remember that thread.
What do you have planned for this anniversary?

tunnocksagain Fri 15-Dec-17 00:27:23

I do, but the DCs are only 8 and 6. And 37 is 50 years too young to die. Especially for such a kind, clever, handsome, funny, loving man.

HillaryWinshaw Fri 15-Dec-17 00:28:01

I’m so sorry.

Bloodybridget Fri 15-Dec-17 00:28:39

Ah tunnocks, I'm so sorry. Anniversaries are very hard and this year must have been awful for you. I hope you have lots of good friends and family to help you.

When my SIL lost her husband, much too early, she said "You don't get over it, but you learn to walk with it" - hope you will get there as she has, several years later. flowers

tunnocksagain Fri 15-Dec-17 00:28:50

Oh goodness me it’s not one to mark as far as I’m concerned. That’s his birthday. I have a ton of back to back work meetings then I’ll see DCs for usual after school shenanigans then cry then bed

stopbeingadramallama Fri 15-Dec-17 00:29:18


Nickynackynoodle Fri 15-Dec-17 00:29:31

I think I remember your thread tunnocks.
Do you want to tell us about him or do you want a handhold/distracting?

I’m so sorry for your loss.

Oraiste Fri 15-Dec-17 00:29:34

Hi Tunnocks. I posted on some of your threads before with a different user name. I'm so sorry. I was actually thinking about you all the other day. How are you and your children? (((hugs)))

Bimblepops Fri 15-Dec-17 00:30:07

I remember your thread/s about him, Tunnocks, sending you lots of love and flowers

tunnocksagain Fri 15-Dec-17 00:30:22

Two of my three rings went missing last week - looks now like they were stolen. Really doesn’t help. Thank goodness I still have my wedding ring.

Life, eh?

tunnocksagain Fri 15-Dec-17 00:41:35

This evening DS said “What happened to Dad is like a smashed plate. And all the fun things we do are like different coloured glue, sticking it all back together” ❤️

SheGotBetteDavisEyes Fri 15-Dec-17 00:53:15

This evening DS said “What happened to Dad is like a smashed plate. And all the fun things we do are like different coloured glue, sticking it all back together” ❤️

That's made me proper fill up. What a parent you must be. If you want to share some thoughts of your DH, we're here. flowers

Battleax Fri 15-Dec-17 00:54:33

You have a small poet there flowers

SilenceIsBroken Fri 15-Dec-17 00:58:29


Your DS sounds wise beyond his years. How are your DCs?

So sorry about your rings, that is awful.

Sending you love. (have been on your threads all along, in different guises).

EmNetta Fri 15-Dec-17 00:59:07

I well remember the first year, but also remember that things started to get better after that, pain less intense, etc. Hope you find life gets easier now you're through the first year. Also remember losing various items at this time, so it;s just possible that your rings will turn up again - hope so.

Coyoacan Fri 15-Dec-17 01:00:47

Weren't you so lucky to have such a wonderful man in your life, though it is sad that he left so soon. It sounds like you have a bright, emotionally intelligent son, what a blessing! Does he take after his dad?

ChippingIn Fri 15-Dec-17 01:08:02

Hello my lovely 💐

It’s hard to believe it’s a year today. Time I s a funny thing isn’t it, in someways these things feel like yesterday, yet in other ways it feels so long since you saw them.

I think you’re very brave organising meetings for tomorrow, you’re made of sterner stuff than me, clearly. No one will blame you if you end up cancelling some of them.

I think of you all often, frequently prompted by men your DH’s age cycling around here, and I always think it’s bloody unfair. He should be here 💐

ChaosTrulyReigns Fri 15-Dec-17 01:42:50

I'm so sorry, tunnocks, I didn't know. I haven't really been around for a while. We've crossed paths on threads before.

Your DS sounds amazing, those words, I think many adults would struggle to be so positively eloquent. 💙💙

Gentle hugs my dear xx

UnbornMortificado Fri 15-Dec-17 01:52:00

Tunn thanks

tunnocksagain Fri 15-Dec-17 06:57:26

Morning. It’s going to be a long day 😩😭

uncoolnn Fri 15-Dec-17 07:12:43

thanks to you and your family Tunnocks

Thinking of you today

Fragglewump Fri 15-Dec-17 07:18:23

I remember your threads. You sound like an amazing person who has steered your family through an awful experience. I’m sure your Dh would be so proud of you and your amazing children. I love your ds’s plate analogy! Could you do something nice tonight amongst the mayhem? When I found the pain of my bereavement difficult or it was a memorable date I tried to have an outlet/focus. So I sometimes wrote a letter or lit a candle. Whatever happens today I hope that the mumsnet collective good will make your day a little more bearable.

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