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Does anyone else NOT buy Christmas pressies for DH?

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coconutnut Thu 14-Dec-17 16:25:54

There are a few threads about shit presents mnetters have received from their dh/dp.

I just keep thinking, why bother?!... It's much less stressful not buying for dp, and not expecting anything.

Dh and I haven't exchanged presents for years and it's great!

NewtsSuitcase Thu 14-Dec-17 16:28:08

We tend do do token gifts. Christmas is not really about the adults.

But then we have a joint account anyway..

minipie Thu 14-Dec-17 16:29:38

Likewise! At most he gets me some chocolates and I get him a nice cheese. We don't do birthday presents either just go out to dinner.

On the other hand we both feel free to buy ourselves nice items as and when we see them (discuss it first if expensive) - works much better than trying to guess what the other person wants.

Arronsmissus Thu 14-Dec-17 16:31:16

Been with DH for 20 yrs and i have NEVER bought him a Christmas present. And he’s never bought me one neither.

letsdolunch321 Thu 14-Dec-17 16:32:16

We have decided to each purchase a Red letter/Virgin experience day for two that we can both enjoy plus purchased a taken gift each

MeadowHay Thu 14-Dec-17 16:32:25

We do a stocking for each other each, just with little knick-knacks in, probs spend about £20-£40 each depending on what we've got that year. Nothing big just a little something. I can't imagine spending lots of money on big presents for each but then again we are skint and always have been thus far.

Candyfloss1122 Thu 14-Dec-17 16:32:36

We never do Xmas, birthday or anniversary presents, we tend to just arrange a nice meal which is much nicer imo.

sacgonflable Thu 14-Dec-17 16:32:38

much like minipie. buy ourselves what we want and get little presents for each other throughout the year "just because". vastly prefer it.

TonicAndTonic Thu 14-Dec-17 16:33:18

We quite often just go halves on something fairly big for the house, e.g. one year we needed a new TV, and another year we bought a big framed picture that we both liked.

ZigZagIntoTheBlue Thu 14-Dec-17 16:33:48

I buy a token gift for him from the kids. This year we've got bits that need fixing and sorting so we will spend the money on parts for the vacuum and fridge etc (exciting!!)

Sleepingbunnies Thu 14-Dec-17 16:33:48

I would hate to not have anything from my DH blush he always get presents from me!

coconutnut Thu 14-Dec-17 16:34:12

Yes mini we too buy ourselves things occasionally through the year.

I just think life is a lot more peaceful this time of year as I'm not upset about the shit present I have found out dh has bought me.

coconutnut Thu 14-Dec-17 16:34:56

Maybe that's it for us too meadow we've always been skint too!

formerbabe Thu 14-Dec-17 16:35:30

We don't bother. I think Christmas is for the children. There's nothing I especially want and he's a nightmare to buy for. We'd both prefer to spend on the kids. I find the whole concept of adults having Christmas lists a bit pathetic to be honest.

NotCitrus Thu 14-Dec-17 16:35:46

They're pretty token here, or else pre-discussed seeing as they come out of our joint finances. When MrNC gets stressed about not having got something then I remind him of things I like that are easy to get hold of, because unwrapping is fun.

coconutnut Thu 14-Dec-17 16:37:09

Same here former, my bil (dh's sister's husband) has a list and even my sil can't get her head round it!
It is pathetic.

Rafflesway Thu 14-Dec-17 16:39:54

Haven’t bothered for years. Don’t buy gifts for birthdays either. We just buy for our dd.

We buy things as and when we want them and are always buying each other little treats. fsmile

RedSkyAtNight Thu 14-Dec-17 16:42:02

We only buy presents (birthdays too) if there's something the other person particularly wants. Certainly don't buy things for the sake of it.

Ashamedandblamed Thu 14-Dec-17 17:02:04

I think it's nice. My bf has less money than me he doesn't buy himself nice things so on birthdays and Christmas I like to buy him stuff. He is very grateful.

I think if you don't have the spare cash or have kids to prioritize it would be daft.

I suppose if you share your finances then it's a bit pointless.

DancingHouse Thu 14-Dec-17 17:05:36

Another one here. We buy each other gifts when we want to not when the calender tells us to, that goes for birthdays too. We'd much rather mark the occasion with a good meal and some time spent together.

Ashamedandblamed Thu 14-Dec-17 17:17:42

It's just occurred to me we don't even celebrate aniverserys so I guess people just pick what works for them.

HellsBellsnBucketsofBlood Thu 14-Dec-17 17:19:59

Token gift here too. I tell him what I want. He says what he wants. We open them xmas morning with the kids.

Fourmagpies Thu 14-Dec-17 17:26:11

We rarely buy significant presents at Christmas time, we usually buy something practical for our home
like a new TV or coffee machine. This year we're including the kids so it's a present for all the family. We are getting the kids some small value presents as well.

ruleshelpcontrolthefun Thu 14-Dec-17 17:35:25

I do a small stocking for DH and myself. Just sweets, bathroom stuff etc. That's it. £20 max. 12 years together and we haven't bought birthday, Christmas or anniversary gifts for at least 10 years. We buy what we want when we want it.

danTDM Thu 14-Dec-17 17:38:55

Christmas is for children, I agree totally.

I can buy what I want when I want, DH too. I'll do a small stocking for DH from DD. For fun. We don't do birthdays either. Like a PP, we go out for dinner or lunch.

My mothers histrionics at the 'thought' and 'quality' of her presents at Christmas and over her 'Birthday weekend' have put me off for good.

Love doing DD's stocking and pressies though!

I really don't get the angst of some people on here who worry about what their Dh's have got them... it means nothing.

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