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Stick stick stick stick, stick stick stick stick...

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BeyondAssignation Thu 14-Dec-17 14:37:47

Whhhhhhhhhyyyyyyy is this stuck in my head!

My DCs don't watch CBeebies anymore, why would (mean) people share this on social media when I'm supposed to be past annoying songs! grin

And now it's stuck in all of your heads too. Mwah ha haaa...

FuzzyCustard Thu 14-Dec-17 14:39:35

I thought this was going to be a thread about wrapping presents with uncooperative sellotape. I have no idea what you are actually on about OP. Sorry!

BeyondAssignation Thu 14-Dec-17 14:40:10

In that case, you are lucky, fuzzy!

LoudestRoar Thu 14-Dec-17 14:40:19

It's my alarm tone now, my boy's dance like crazy when it comes on....

wendz86 Thu 14-Dec-17 14:40:22

Got to love hey duggee, genius.

Rinceoir Thu 14-Dec-17 14:41:00

Stuck in my head too. DD is 3 though and marches about singing it.

Chaosofcalm Thu 14-Dec-17 14:41:05

BBC have deliberately done it to drive people insane. My 19 month old has started singing it.

Spaghettio Thu 14-Dec-17 14:41:14

This is a huge hit in the Spaghettio household!

BeyondAssignation Thu 14-Dec-17 14:44:12

My DCs haven't seen it yet - I'm going to try to hide it from them as long as possible

LoudestRoar Thu 14-Dec-17 14:45:11

Cbeebies missed a trick, I'd have loved to get ds a cuddly stick from Santa!

cjt110 Thu 14-Dec-17 14:46:25

How LoudestRoar Tell me!!!!!

Dancetherain Thu 14-Dec-17 14:48:28

All my DC (and dp) love this and only ds2 is young enough to be watching hey dugee! My 12 year old keeps singing it and then it gets stuck in everyone's heads!

Whoever came up with that is either a genius or needs smacking with a wet fish!!

BeyondAssignation Thu 14-Dec-17 14:49:00

Or hitting with a stick?

BeyondAssignation Thu 14-Dec-17 14:49:56

Sticky <whack> sticky <whack> stick <whack> stick <whack>

LoudestRoar Thu 14-Dec-17 14:49:57

cjt110 download an app called Zedge, and search hey duggee, stick song 😊

LoudestRoar Thu 14-Dec-17 14:51:14

I'm not brave enough to have it as my ring tone, I'd have loads of dirty looks my way as the song gets into everyone's head every time my phone rings...

sake Thu 14-Dec-17 14:57:53


TheWhyteRoseShallRiseAgain Thu 14-Dec-17 15:00:08

Dd2 discovered this the other day it's been in my head ever since

Smeaton Thu 14-Dec-17 15:03:32

SleepingStandingUp Thu 14-Dec-17 15:03:53


PugwallsSummer Thu 14-Dec-17 15:06:00


My one year old dances like a loon to this - I love it πŸ˜‚

For me, the most annoying "set up residence in your ears" song is that bloody avocado song πŸ˜–πŸ™ˆ

"Peel the avocado - peel the avocado- guacamole- guac.guac.amole" 🀯

cjt110 Thu 14-Dec-17 15:06:43

LoudestRoar Thanks! smile

Robots1Humans0 Thu 14-Dec-17 15:06:42

Been in my head all feckin day fgrin

Animation86 Thu 14-Dec-17 15:07:14

I knew just by the title

It’s bloody everything. I love it

TinyTear Thu 14-Dec-17 15:09:08


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