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Speeding ticket worry - can anyone advise

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Wollstonecraft1 Thu 14-Dec-17 10:13:23

I think I may have been caught speeding a month or so ago. When nothing arrived I thought I hadn't but then I realised that my car and my driving licence are registered to my old address.

How do I find out if I have been caught? Do I check with my local constabulary? Obviously I am going to get on top of my admin too.

CommunistLegoBloc Thu 14-Dec-17 10:40:58

I think that that’s an offence. Where is your insurance registered to - you could invalidate it. I would check with the relevant authority but you might get in further trouble due to not changing the address.

Someone will be along with more definite knowledge though, I’m sure.

Seeline Thu 14-Dec-17 10:43:38

Yes it's definitely an offense not to have your car or your licence registered to your correct address.
How long ago did you move? Is your post still being re-directed, or would the new occupiers send anything on (or keep it for you)?
You definitely need to update your details ASAP.

Wollstonecraft1 Thu 14-Dec-17 10:43:53

It is, I have changed them now, I just completely forgot. My insurance is registered to my new address, I did that.

I have checked with my constabulary and no ticket so that is good!

I imagine lots of people do this because there is so much to remember when you move, but that isn't an excuse of course.

Wollstonecraft1 Thu 14-Dec-17 10:44:37

I did have the post redirected for three months. I have been here about four months and it just slipped my mind.

Foxyloxy1plus1 Thu 14-Dec-17 10:45:39

I think it's an offence too. Can you check if anything arrived at your old address. If you get a letter about a speeding offence, it's within a week of the offence.

Sorry, probably not what you want to hear.

Foxyloxy1plus1 Thu 14-Dec-17 10:46:54

Cross post, glad it's sorted.

Wollstonecraft1 Thu 14-Dec-17 10:48:12

Thanks all. I know it is an offence, I just forgot. I have checked with my constabulary and all is fine as I didn't have one (they ran a search on my vehicle registration number) and I have updated my details online.

Lesson learnt!

SpartonDregs Thu 14-Dec-17 10:49:28

Lesson learnt!

Which one? Not to speed or not to forget to change address on driving licence when you move?

Wollstonecraft1 Thu 14-Dec-17 11:05:35

Just the admin one.

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