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Peter Kay

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paniconthestreetsofdreams Wed 13-Dec-17 17:58:20

Why did the Peter Kay thread get taken down?

paniconthestreetsofdreams Wed 13-Dec-17 21:20:58

Hopeful bump

PumpkinSquash Wed 13-Dec-17 21:37:20

Didn't know it had, but probably something to do with certain moaning, insensitive twat faces on it.

paniconthestreetsofdreams Thu 14-Dec-17 04:42:02

Ah I see. I never read any of it but it seemed weird to me that a thread about that would be taken down. Forgot how much of an arsehole some people could be right enough!

Battleax Thu 14-Dec-17 04:44:18

Didn't see it. Was it about the cancelled tour?

I expect people were speculating inappropriately about his family.

LookImAHooman Thu 14-Dec-17 06:34:21

Certain people decided they were, quote, ‘owed an explanation’... beyond the explanation he’d actually given.

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