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Help me find a present for impossible to buy for relatives

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Collectorofcookbooks Wed 13-Dec-17 15:12:40

Pretty please.

DB and SIL live abroad. They are coming to DM's for Christmas and have JUST declared they are bringing hand luggage only. I knew presents needed to be small but now this is really challenging! I've already got them something small each but was prevaricating over their joint present.

They are massively into outdoor sports like triathalons, skiing, running, hiking and so on. They're very difficult to buy for as they like extremely specific and obscure brands.

Any ideas? Last year I got them a coffee subscription which went down really well, but I guess that's had it's day now...

Buxtonstill Wed 13-Dec-17 17:26:08

Itunes vouchers?

hidinginthenightgarden Wed 13-Dec-17 17:28:23

Can you get a voucher for an outdoor sport they haven't tried? Rock climbing, cave exploration?

NoStraightEdges Wed 13-Dec-17 17:31:59

Have you seen form cards? They'd be perfect if they're outdoorsy, tiny too. Watch the video.

Collectorofcookbooks Wed 13-Dec-17 18:27:58

GREAT Ideas, thank you! Will check out those vouchers (iTunes probably a no) and love the idea of a sport they’d haven’t tried. Thank you.

LastNightMyWifeHooveredMyHead Wed 13-Dec-17 19:48:58

Portable solar chargers for their phones? Even in the UK they work, so they're bound to work in their country grin You can get smallish ones with carabiners to attach to clothing/rucksack etc

Small tin containing a bivvy bag, flint, bit of punk etc for keeping warm in an emergency (all hand luggage friendly items)- good for outdoorsy types and cheap to assemble

As they liked the coffee, maybe a travel coffee/Espresso maker? (various types out there)

Voucher for entry for two for a triathlon etc of their choice

One of those portable fire/water heater things - is it called a ghillie kettle maybe?

LastNightMyWifeHooveredMyHead Wed 13-Dec-17 19:50:55

(update: it is! Can't link on my phone, but ghillie kettle co UK has lots of options grin)

coconutnut Wed 13-Dec-17 19:58:27

I have a ghillie kettle, they're fab! But might not fit in hand luggage.

Love the form cards, such a great idea!

Headtorch? AeroPress?

abouttimeforanotherone Wed 13-Dec-17 20:23:27

Hot air balloon trip?

Collectorofcookbooks Fri 15-Dec-17 08:58:36

Whilst checking out the Aeropress (looks fab!) I saw these and ended up getting them one! Thought I'd post them in case they were useful for anyone else.

Thanks so much for the suggestions, will definitely tuck them away (particularly the sport and hot air balloon ones) for the future.

PricillaQueenOfTheDesert Fri 15-Dec-17 09:06:33

Red letter days do e vouchers for events and experiences. I’m not sure if they cover overseas, but if you got one for your DB and sil they can use them when they are next in the uk.

Karigan1 Fri 15-Dec-17 09:11:38

There’s a chocolate place that does chocolate tools that look almost real. I just got a friend that’s similar some chocolate carabiners. It’s called the chocolate workshop

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