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Oxo advert “Dad’s Special pasta” looks rank 🤢

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DontDrinkDontSmoke Wed 13-Dec-17 08:52:30

Overcooked slop.

I’m all for fast pasta dinners but every time I see that ad I think BOKE.

There are lots of adverts that have the opposite effect on me.

formerbabe Wed 13-Dec-17 09:02:11

I say the same op everytime that advert comes on TV!

taybert Wed 13-Dec-17 09:08:45

I’d be properly pissed off if I was supposed to be going out with my mates and ended up having to stay in eating over cooked pasta in too much jar sauce.

DameXanaduBramble Wed 13-Dec-17 09:10:02

It looks like pasta twirls in Bisto.

blackheartsgirl Wed 13-Dec-17 10:21:37

We sometimes have that for tea. We all really like it blush

Although I do add extras to it like onions, sweet corn and peas, courgettes etc

Floralnomad Wed 13-Dec-17 10:27:02

It’s a terrible advert anyway , were the children staying with the judo teacher overnight ? when Oxo decided to do a new Oxo family they should have given it a bit more thought as this lot are not the least bit convincing .

Kraggle Wed 13-Dec-17 10:28:20

I always that as well! Far far too much sauce.

formerbabe Wed 13-Dec-17 10:51:56

Although I do add extras to it like onions, sweet corn and peas, courgettes

Peas and sweetcorn in it really isn't selling it to me!

blackheartsgirl Wed 13-Dec-17 12:41:29

Only way I can get sweetcorn and peas into the kids 😂

Seriously though we are pretty skint a lot of the time and we do have some weird concoctions and use left overs a lot so I just tend to bung whatever leftover veg I have from the night before into something like this. The kids eat the lot (probably out of starvation lol) and say it's nice so I'll carry on.

formerbabe Wed 13-Dec-17 12:46:56


Oh I'm a big fan of using up leftovers and sticking veg in anything for kids....i make some pretty creative things myself grin

The pasta in that advert though just looks overcooked to me and way too much sauce!

blackheartsgirl Wed 13-Dec-17 13:14:47

Yeah I do agree there’s too much sauce. It does need more pasta or less sauce. And it does look a bit over cooked. I’d still eat it though lol

LoneParenting101 Wed 13-Dec-17 13:19:17

Blackheart Starvation??? I'm guessing you're exaggerating? sad

Nothing to be ashamed of if you're struggling, however. I've been there myself as a single parent. Have you tried Foodbanks? Your local Council should have a Local Assistance Fund who can issue supermarket vouchers twice a year. Usually around £40?

Hope things improve x

blackheartsgirl Wed 13-Dec-17 13:28:54

I said that tongue in cheek Loneparenting don’t worry.

Dp and I both work minimum wage jobs full time but we are not very well off. I am on the sick however with half sick pay because I’ve had an accident so things are even tighter than usual.

We are managing though, kids are eating fine, we are just learning to cook with what we have and having some strange concoctions. We have gas and electric, not much but it’s enough to get by until I get my tax credits on fri. I would be screwed without them.

LoneParenting101 Wed 13-Dec-17 13:39:18

Sounds very similar in terms of finances to me! I'm a single parent on disability benefits. Some weeks are a nightmare and I'm working out how to make sure we have sufficient bread & milk for the week, then other times things are amazing.

Wouldn't be too bad if her Dad paid maintenance but it is what it is! (CMS are useless!)

One day, things will be so much better!!! I live in hope of this and that is all that keeps me going! X

blackheartsgirl Wed 13-Dec-17 17:39:54

Yes we are better off some weeks. I am so glad I did love2shop vouchers this year or I wouldn’t have been able to do Christmas. But we are fed and warm and that’s the main thing.

formerbabe Wed 13-Dec-17 17:49:36

Hope you weren't offended by my comment blackheartsgirl. Hope things improve for you soon.

blackheartsgirl Wed 13-Dec-17 19:12:13

No I wasn’t formerbabe it’s fine smile

I’m hopefully going to be fit enough to return to work after new year so things should improve.

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