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Trampolines - above the ground vs in the ground

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CanIGoToBedNow Wed 13-Dec-17 07:11:55

Looking to call on the collective wisdom of mumsnet...

We’re going to get the children a trampoline but I’m torn between the look of a below the ground, which is more pleasing to the eye and the jumpability of the above ground one.

What have you got and are the in the ground ones any good?

Size is not an issue - was going to go as big as possible 12/14ft


hidinginthenightgarden Wed 13-Dec-17 07:15:27

I want an in the ground one but they are very expensive.

PanannyPanoo Wed 13-Dec-17 07:24:18

We have a 12 ft one in the ground. it is actually in a drained pond. So a normal above ground one on legs, rather than a specific sunken design. We have had it for about 15 years. With a net. It is brilliant for younger children and our friends with special needs. It definitely cuts down on potential injuries. However, we have still had 2 broken bones from children landing awkwardly.
It has never blown away and is very stable. also don't need to move it round to mow the lawn and then find the level again.
I would definitely go for in the ground if you are able.

thedayismine Wed 13-Dec-17 07:30:26

We have in the ground - bought as a moving house bribe to kids - we absolutely love it and have no regrets about spending the extra.

We got ours from capital play who are fantastically helpful if you do go down that route.

It's excellent quality so bounceability is great - but as a pp said you still have the same risks to manage !
I think really for us it was mainly adult preference on the aesthetics that swung us.

Jedbartletforpresident Wed 13-Dec-17 07:37:43

I love the in the ground ones, but when it came to it for us we went for above ground for a couple of reasons - 1 was I couldn't be sure the trampoline would be something we would want long term, and doing that damage to the garden for potentially a few years (or longer, but not really used that much) seemed like an unwise decision. The 2nd reason was that we don't necessarily see ourselves staying in this house forever and so while we will do work that needs done and make the house how we want it, any big changes (either physically or financially) have to be considered against the possibility of how it would affect us in selling the house at a later date. I wouldn't want to buy a house with a sunken trampoline (unless the garden was enormous and it was just a small blip in the corner or something) and I have to consider that.

For us it was the right decision - 5 years in we would move tomorrow if we could (can't because of DH's job which keeps us in this city), and if the opportunity came up we'd be out of here so it wouldn't have been a wise investment for us.

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