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It’s my birthday

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HoofWankingSpangleCunt Wed 13-Dec-17 06:08:42

And I am feeling lonely. So I’m shamelessly posting for replies. If I don’t get any then I will have to flounce and I don’t want to do that 😀
It’s my own fault, after my DFiance died I went into a self imposed reclusive place . It’s on days like this that I regret how isolated I have become.
But I have many blessings to count so I will concentrate on them. It would just be nice to get a card or two (sad fucker emoticon).
And I am 44 today . How the fuck did that happen?

Ecureuil Wed 13-Dec-17 06:09:36

Happy birthday!

tralaaa Wed 13-Dec-17 06:14:45

Happy birthday maybe today will be the start of new things open the door a little. Have a nice day pop into town and have a coffee and smile at people. Many happy returns too xx

HoofWankingSpangleCunt Wed 13-Dec-17 06:15:25

Thank you ecureuil. How bonkers that 2 words from a stranger on the internet can make one well up. Someone needs to buy me a grip for my birthday. 😁

Impatientwino Wed 13-Dec-17 06:16:20

A very happy birthday! Can't have you flouncing on your birthday can we smile I have a December birthday too.

I'm sorry you lost your fiancé - I've lost someone too and cut myself off from lots of people initially. I found it easier to deal with my situation. Gradually I've found my way back to friendships and I hope that happens for you too.

In the meantime enjoy your birthday and I hope that cake and some wine/hot chocolate/coffee (insert tipple of choice)are on the agenda.


Brokenbiscuit Wed 13-Dec-17 06:17:40

Happy birthday! Hope you have a great day, and that this will be the start of a happier year for you.

HoofWankingSpangleCunt Wed 13-Dec-17 06:18:17

tralaa thank you and I think you are right. I do want to open the door a little. Unfortunately I have workmen in today but tomorrow I will be in town so I will buy myself a Black Forest Hot Chocolate from Costa as a birthday present to myself. I used to do that every year , thank you for reminding me.

himynameiss Wed 13-Dec-17 06:18:29

Happy Birthday. Don’t be lonely. Buy yourself a dog or pet. Or something that will occupy you xxxx

BulletFox Wed 13-Dec-17 06:18:45

Happy birthday smile

PomBearWithAnOFRS Wed 13-Dec-17 06:18:50

My no5 child is 11 today grin
Have a lovely day flowers

Roystonv Wed 13-Dec-17 06:22:32

Happy Birthday from me. Seconding that you treat yourself. I am the world's worst at appreciating what I have so well done if you can do that too. Then think in this day and age hardly anyone sends an actual card and how 'trendy' you are with these online birthday wishes!

NatashaRomanov Wed 13-Dec-17 06:25:09

Happy Birthday. flowers

acornsandnuts Wed 13-Dec-17 06:26:03

Happy birthday Hoof.

There will be someone from your past that’s thinking of you today. Can you text a ‘how are you?’

Groovee Wed 13-Dec-17 06:26:33

Happy Birthday x

sparklyDMs Wed 13-Dec-17 06:26:53

Happy Birthday Hoof!
I too was a bit surprised when I turned 44, I was only just getting the hang of 40!
Hope you have a great day and maybe the start of a new chapter for you thanks

BoogleMcGroogle Wed 13-Dec-17 06:28:30

Happy birthday 🙂

mynameisnotmichaelcaine Wed 13-Dec-17 06:28:41

Happy birthday Hoof. Read a good book and get yourself a nice takeaway. Grief is hard. Be gentle with yourself. I hope your 44th year is a good one for you. Lots of love.

CheshireSplat Wed 13-Dec-17 06:29:34

Happy birthday! Can you make yourself a cake and share it with your workmen?

BikeRunSki Wed 13-Dec-17 06:32:47

Happy Birthday Hoof. cakewineflowers. 44? you mere spring chicken! smile

13sleepstillsanta Wed 13-Dec-17 06:33:12

Happy birthday! What’s your plan for today?

DamsonGin Wed 13-Dec-17 06:33:52

Happy Birthday 🎂

Japanese Wed 13-Dec-17 06:37:17

Happy birthday Hoof! flowers cake

CuppaSarah Wed 13-Dec-17 06:37:27

Happy Birthday!!!! Enjoy today however you want. I suggest a long hot bath with a cup of tea! Maybe chocolate.

PosiePootlePerkins Wed 13-Dec-17 06:38:17

Happy birthdaycakethanks💌(card in envelopegrin)

HoofWankingSpangleCunt Wed 13-Dec-17 06:38:24

You lot of bloody vipers! Heartfelt thanks from a cheered up 44 year old. I'll come back shortly to reply properly. Two of my blessings require breakfast. I never expected so many replies. ❤

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