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The MUSIC WAG (Part 21!)

(1000 Posts)
CazzieCatsRock Tue 12-Dec-17 21:28:01

Here's to the next 20,000 posts! fsmile

Serious Fun - The Knack

TheNaze73 Wed 13-Dec-17 06:41:11

Natural Thing - Innocence

Snowtato Wed 13-Dec-17 08:01:08

I’m into something good - Herman’s hermits

TheNaze73 Wed 13-Dec-17 08:20:46

Good Times - Chic

Snowtato Wed 13-Dec-17 13:00:13

Too much time on my hands - Styx

TheNaze73 Wed 13-Dec-17 13:18:59

Hands Up - Ottawan fgrin

CazzieCatsRock Wed 13-Dec-17 13:24:03


Hands that do dishes can feel soft as your face
With mild green Fairy (washing up) Liquid! fgrin

And helloooo again Snow always lovely to see you here. fsmile

everywhichway Wed 13-Dec-17 16:04:38

Hold Tight - Dave, Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Titch

Snowtato Wed 13-Dec-17 16:37:10

Thanks cazzie fwink

Big spender - Shirley bassey

Snowtato Wed 13-Dec-17 16:37:40

Sorry that was meant to be a smile not a wink.

CazzieCatsRock Wed 13-Dec-17 17:00:49

Ah...that's ok!

Can't Buy Me Love - The Beatles

TheNaze73 Wed 13-Dec-17 17:41:19

Shopping - Pet Shop Boys

ScreamingValenta Wed 13-Dec-17 18:15:39

Love Cats - The Cure

TheNaze73 Wed 13-Dec-17 18:37:50

Love Shack - B52’s

secretmeetingsundertrees Wed 13-Dec-17 19:23:29

up the down escalator - the chameleons

ScreamingValenta Wed 13-Dec-17 19:33:22

Stairway to heaven - Led Zep

CazzieCatsRock Wed 13-Dec-17 19:33:36

Up And Down - Vengaboys

CazzieCatsRock Wed 13-Dec-17 19:34:18

Valenta fgrin

ScreamingValenta Wed 13-Dec-17 19:36:19

Hello Cazzie and everyone on the new thread grin - 1st x-post!

TheNaze73 Wed 13-Dec-17 19:37:48

Down By The Water - PJ Harvey

ScreamingValenta Wed 13-Dec-17 19:42:18

Waterfall - *Stone Roses

ScreamingValenta Wed 13-Dec-17 19:42:34


everywhichway Wed 13-Dec-17 19:55:28

Invisible touch - Phil Collins

secretmeetingsundertrees Wed 13-Dec-17 19:59:59

Where are they now? - gene

TheNaze73 Wed 13-Dec-17 20:40:55

Where Are You Baby? - Betty Boo

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