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Tim Tams - London

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user1471438671 Tue 12-Dec-17 14:39:15


Does anyone know where I can buy Tim Tams in central London? I need them for tomorrow, unfortunately, So I can't buy them online. I'm based around Tottenham Court Road so the closer the better.

Thanks in advance for any help!

tectonicplates Tue 12-Dec-17 14:44:58

Is there still an Australia shop in Covent Garden? I haven't been round that way for ages.

I think they were sold at larger branches of Asda at one point but I have no idea of that's still the case.

babblingbumblingbandofbaboons Tue 12-Dec-17 14:46:44

There used to be a couple of places that stocked Australian goods around Covent Garden. No idea if they’re still there though!

Failing that, Amazon have them in stock with same day London delivery if you’ve got Prime (or can sign up for 30 day free trial).

tectonicplates Tue 12-Dec-17 14:49:24

Oh, maybe try Cybercandy.

user1471438671 Tue 12-Dec-17 14:50:32

Thank you so much. I completely forgot about amazon 🤦🏻‍♀️ And will check out cyber candy.

SuperDuperJezebel Tue 12-Dec-17 14:50:34

Tesco often have them in the forrin food aisle. What I wouldn't give for a total right now.

hamburgers Tue 12-Dec-17 14:54:50

Ocado always have them in stock. You could get a delivery slot for tomorrow morning.

Selfridges sometimes have them.

LostInShoebiz Tue 12-Dec-17 14:55:57

Is Candy King still open at the bottom of TCR? They have them.

user1471438671 Tue 12-Dec-17 15:21:55

I will go and have a look for candy king after work. I've found them on amazon too so at least I can get them from there, albeit late if candy king isn't there. Cyber candy has closed down now! Thanks again

anotherprosecco Tue 12-Dec-17 15:34:58

Ooh, I love Tim Tams, reminds of when we lived in Australia. Making me think of Fairy Bread and Fairy Floss now, oh and salted plums which was daughter's favourite to get at the school tuck shop!

tectonicplates Wed 13-Dec-17 09:39:49

Any luck?

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