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Will someone kindly tell me to stop obsessing about my BP and pulse!

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SnowJokeNow Tue 12-Dec-17 11:43:28

So I go to the doctor the other week. He takes my blood pressure and says it's 130 over something - bit high but not to worry. And my pulse is a bit high (or fast?). Didn't give me a number.

So last night I hit upon the genius idea of measuring my pulse against the stopwatch on my phone!

Please tell me to stop as it's becomg an unhealthy obsession.

Or measure yours and join me in my sad new hobby!

FaithEverPresent Tue 12-Dec-17 11:46:46

You do need to stop! It’ll vary a bit anyway with what you’re doing. My Fitbit has a heart rate monitor. It’s like exposure therapy, in different you’ve had it for a while you stop even registering it!

SnowJokeNow Tue 12-Dec-17 11:51:11

Thanks, Faith. Dr Google says 60-100 bpm is normal. I'm going from 70+ just sitting here to 80+ when I woke up from a bad dream.

I am aware that I sound barking btw - hence name change and posting on MN rather than speaking to anyone in RL about it 😊

FaithEverPresent Tue 12-Dec-17 12:00:18

Yes (I’m a nurse) and I’d count 50-90 as ‘normal’ at rest. I’d only be concerned if it was more like 100+ or below 50.

SingaSong12 Tue 12-Dec-17 12:12:09

Could you book a nurse/doctor appointment for six weeks from now. That way you aren't ignoring the problem. Tell them when you see them why you are there because as you are worried about blood pressure/pulse the worry may increase it for those minutes in the consultation.

Meanwhile don't measure anything. Try to eat reasonably healthily (I know it's Christmas) and do some exercise, again don't go crazy with it.

SnowJokeNow Tue 12-Dec-17 13:27:30

Good idea to book appointment with practice nurse as she is much less scary than our GP!

Can't believe everyone isn't piling in with their pulse readings 😊

FaithEverPresent Tue 12-Dec-17 14:44:01

Mine is currently 88 at rest smile

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