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Smart slow cooker (crock pot)

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sheepskinrug Mon 11-Dec-17 23:50:13

I've been recently convinced by MN that slow cookers are the way forward.

Does anyone know of a smart slow cooker that can be linked to Alexa? I've only found one online by Belkin but it's only sold in the U.S. Surely they must exist in Europe too?

redexpat Tue 12-Dec-17 07:11:45

My best sc was a £30 sainsburys one. I dont understand the rest of your post sorry!

sashh Tue 12-Dec-17 07:42:07

Not sure why you would connect it to alexa? - I don't use alexa myself but can you get plugs, like the timer ones, that switch on the socket?

I have had numerous ones over the years and they are all much of a muchness.

Crackednips Tue 12-Dec-17 07:58:11

I recommend this one The pot itself detaches from the base and can be used on the stove to brown meat etc. It can also be removed and put on the table for everyone to serve themselves. Cuts down greatly on washing up.

Quite cheap too.

PurpleWithRed Tue 12-Dec-17 08:02:45

Why would you need that???

Buxbaum Tue 12-Dec-17 09:07:45

No, I don’t think that exists. You would be better looking for one with a timer function. I highly recommend the Instant Pot.

TeddyIsaHe Tue 12-Dec-17 09:14:10

You can get smart sockets which connect to Alexa and do a similar thing, so you can buy any old slow cooker and plug it in via the plug and it becomes smart. Phillips do one and there’s an Alexa compatible one on amazon as well.

sheepskinrug Tue 12-Dec-17 10:32:08

Thanks for your replies.

I was looking for a smart one to be able to turn it on/off while not at home. I've just bought an Echo Dot and would like to be able to connect them up.

Where I live, the 3.5l ones don't have a timer to automatically turn it off after say 8 hours and my place is tiny so I can't get anything bigger.

Thanks Teddy, I'm going for a smart plug instead to plug it into.

Crackednips Tue 12-Dec-17 17:39:43

Why would you need that???

..........need What?

bellweather Tue 12-Dec-17 17:48:47

My crock pot does a keep warm function
I am also getting an instant pot and it’s programmable as well

bellweather Tue 12-Dec-17 17:49:20

Don’t think smart plug will help to turn on because you still need to programme how long to cook for?

sheepskinrug Tue 12-Dec-17 18:06:48

Good point bellweather, but actually the plug (and therefore the slow cooker) can be turned on/off remotely by your phone or Alexa because you connect it to your wifi network. You can also set it to turn off after X amount of hours, like a timer. Let's see how I get on!

bellweather Tue 12-Dec-17 18:34:04

Ah let me know how you get on.. my crockpot actually needs you to choose the mode of cooking (high/low) & length of time
I reckon if you have one that just starts cooking automatically then you might be fine

redexpat Tue 12-Dec-17 19:21:42

That sounds so much more complicated than a timer plug!

sheepskinrug Tue 12-Dec-17 20:25:02

That sounds so much more complicated than a timer plug!

redexpat, to be honest, I just want to connect my new Alexa to something (we don't have much "smart" stuff at home!) I'll be able to say "Alexa, turn the slow cooker on for 5 hours" instead of faffing with the timer. Lazy, I know, but I want to make the most of my new gadget! grin

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