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Burst / frozen water pipes - how likely?

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applesareredandgreen Mon 11-Dec-17 23:11:06

We have forecast of minus 10 degrees tonight and DH has suggested we keep the central heating on low to prevent the pipes freezing.

I'm now thinking that at my elderly parents house they have a utility room built on to the back of their house with no heating in at all. I can buy a low wattage heater to put in tomorrow (or when the weather allows me to travel there) but I just wondered if anyone knows how likely it is for water pipes to freeze, an I panicking for no reason.

Zevitevitchofcrimas Mon 11-Dec-17 23:15:28

Op I don't know it worries me as well

JoanLenin Mon 11-Dec-17 23:16:24

It is very likely. Don't take a chance.

DinkyDaisy Mon 11-Dec-17 23:23:06

How long have your parents lived there?
Have those pipes frozen before?

applesareredandgreen Mon 11-Dec-17 23:30:16

They've lived there for years but until recently would have been responsible for looking after the upkeep etc of their house . Since they've got frailer. Dementia I've had to take over things I'd never have had to do before. It was only after DHs comment about our own heating that I started to worry. I think I was hoping for reassurance!

AnyFucker Mon 11-Dec-17 23:38:16

Tonight will be the coldest night. You have missed your chance now.

DinkyDaisy Tue 12-Dec-17 06:28:35

Fingers crossed op...
An oil heater set on low may help for the future.
Hope all well.

whycantshestaylonger Tue 12-Dec-17 07:21:08

op we have a utility without central heating & this happened to us back in December 2010 when it was -15 outside. Luckily we were downstairs at the time and I heard it go bang - 5 minutes later & we'd have been upstairs in bed and unaware. It still did a lot of damage in that short time & flooded our dining room. Now we put an oil filled radiator in there & leave it on low through winter. Hope last night passed for your parents without incident!

sashh Tue 12-Dec-17 08:42:16

Lagging is probably better than the heater. If you can get to a DIY place you can get foam shaped to fit around pipes. If you can't then use blankets, a duvet, whatever you have.

Are these pipes connected to their heating, if so keep the heating on low or set the timer to come one 2 - 4am - the coldest part?

Water that is moving is harder to freeze, hence keeping the heating on and the water moving.

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