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Best pushchair in the snow and ice?

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Thurlow Mon 11-Dec-17 14:35:55

We've got a Joie Nitro (which seemed useless yesterday), a Maclaren Techno XLR and a Quinny Zapp, which one might be best in the snow and ice tomorrow?

endofthelinefinally Mon 11-Dec-17 14:39:44

A sledge. That is what I put my dc in and pulled them along.

saladdays66 Mon 11-Dec-17 14:40:23

Any off-road type one, I'd have thought.

Thurlow Mon 11-Dec-17 14:45:03

No sledge sadly, though I may just end up dragging the pushchair behind me grin Is the Quinny considered an off road one?

SandLand Mon 11-Dec-17 14:45:15

A sledge or sling.
Pushchairs are useless in snow and ice (and sand!)

megletthesecond Mon 11-Dec-17 14:47:56

I had a Phil & Ted's in the snow of 2010-11. It was great in thick or compacted snow. Plus I could use it to steady me when I felt I might slip. The dc's were so heavy it wasn't going to tip.

Although I never used it on hills, that might be tricky.

Thurlow Mon 11-Dec-17 14:50:25

Sadly no sling either, Ds is too hefty for one!

FoofFighter Mon 11-Dec-17 15:07:35

Ideally you need big wheels. Small ones just clog up. Can you borrow one off anyone?
If stuck with small wheels make sure they are locked straight. And tie your wrist to the handle in case you slip in any case

INeedNewShoes Mon 11-Dec-17 15:10:47

I took our 'all terrain' out yesterday which has been brilliant on rough surfaces so far and it was bloody hard work in the snow; just about managed with the wheels locked straight but it knackered my wrists just getting 300yd to the shop and back!

babynamelol Mon 11-Dec-17 15:11:55

The bigger the wheels the better, strollers aren't generally the best as they are made for urban and city use. Definitely not the zapp. The only thing that would cope well is probably something like a bugaboo buffalo, an out n about\babyjogger three wheeler or an icandy jogger.

BrizzleDrizzle Mon 11-Dec-17 15:13:05

A friend of my DB makes and sells these:

I've got no connection with the business but DB has one for his DCs and swears by it; it's had a lot of use over the weekend.

Thurlow Mon 11-Dec-17 15:32:10

I'm trying to think if anyone has one I can borrow. It's really only for one should-be-10 minute walk tomorrow morning to get DS to nursery but its supposed to be -5 so I'm planning on sheet ice! If it's bigger wheels them maybe the Maclaren will be the best choice?

endofthelinefinally Mon 11-Dec-17 15:38:07

Do you have a plastic toy box?
And a piece of clothes line or rope?
If so:
Heat the metal end of a screw driver.
Make 2 holes in one end of the toy box. Near the top.
Thread the rope through and tie it in a knot at a comfortable length.
Place child in toy box.
Use as if it is a sledge.
Child will not fall out.

Quinny Zappa is beyond useless

And tbh I struggled with the XLR yesterday but it’s certainly better then the zapp

Scrowy Mon 11-Dec-17 16:15:16

Ahh no help to you OP, but if anyone else is looking for an all terrain all rounder my Out 'n' About Nipper 360° manages mud/snow/ice/sand without an issue.

Its a big rubber wheeled 3 wheeler. Annoying to get in and out of the car boot but excellent when actually being used.

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