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Keith Chegwin has died

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Housewife2010 Mon 11-Dec-17 14:31:45

Age 60. Far too young.

Fauxtatoes Mon 11-Dec-17 14:32:26

Noooo. Oh that's so sad. I remember him fondly. RIP

numbereightyone Mon 11-Dec-17 14:32:57

No. That's too young. RIP.

PinkSquash Mon 11-Dec-17 14:34:21

So sad

wizzywig Mon 11-Dec-17 14:34:21

How sad. Happy childhood memories of him

letsdolunch321 Mon 11-Dec-17 14:35:35

Yep, according to The Independant he died following a battle with a lung condition.

Tinselistacky Mon 11-Dec-17 14:35:46

Ah those fab shirts!

DuckOffAutocorrectYouShiv Mon 11-Dec-17 14:36:59

RIP cheggers.

Freshprincess Mon 11-Dec-17 14:38:16

Ah, RIP Cheggars.

Loved swap shop and cheggars plays pop in my childhood.

Maudlinmaud Mon 11-Dec-17 14:39:50

Awww Cheggers! He was such a good sport, I always enjoyed him.

SantasLittleMonkeyButler Mon 11-Dec-17 14:40:00

Oh no! RIP Cheggars. Fond memories always sad.

HerBigChance Mon 11-Dec-17 14:40:58

Same here, princess. That's no age to go at all.

HamishBamish Mon 11-Dec-17 14:41:10

Goodness me, that's very young. RIP Cheggars.

Anymajordude Mon 11-Dec-17 14:41:12

My husband saw him once smoking a fag outside Angels and Berman's costume shop in Camden. Hence lung problems I guess. RIP Cheggers.

Wish he hadn't done that weird nude TV show, the image is etched on my brain and all I can think of when he's mentioned.

CPtart Mon 11-Dec-17 14:43:02

My SIL appeared on Cheggars Plays Pop apparently. Happy childhood TV memories.

EvilDoctorBallerinaRoastDuck Mon 11-Dec-17 14:44:30

RIP Cheggers.

HateSummer Mon 11-Dec-17 14:44:55

RIP Cheggers 😥 always loved Its a Knockout

VivaLeBeaver Mon 11-Dec-17 14:47:29

He had pulmonary fibrosis which I don’t believe is linked to previous smoking.

EnidButton Mon 11-Dec-17 14:49:08

Oh no! He was always such a bright light on everything he did. Proper entertainer. His poor family.

zen1 Mon 11-Dec-17 14:50:25

Aw that’s sad. Loved Swap Shop and Cheggars Plays Pop

PerkingFaintly Mon 11-Dec-17 14:52:14

Ah no. RIP Cheggers.

yorkshireyummymummy Mon 11-Dec-17 14:53:39

Cheggers plays pop.
And then that show he did naked and the director shamelessly zeros in on Cheggers Willy.
Two utterly conflicting memories.
Lovely Cheggers.

Scaredycat3000 Mon 11-Dec-17 14:54:31

Please don't turn this into a victim blaming thread Any like the Caroline Aherne one. It's hugely distasteful. We have no idea what caused the lung damage, speculation and blame is completely unnecessary. Imagine if a relative read that, just no need and irrelevant.

Mummyoflittledragon Mon 11-Dec-17 14:55:17

Oh no and so young. sad. I used to watch multicoloured swap shop.

ShoesHaveSouls Mon 11-Dec-17 14:57:04

Oh that's very sad - a real shock sad

I always remember him most recently in Extras, where he can't get that he's acting. They change his character's name to Keith to make it easier for him grin Whenever an actor's name is coincidentally the same as their characters now, I think of that.

RIP Cheggers.

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