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Separate washer / tumble dryer after only ever having all-in-one machines

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bananafish81 Mon 11-Dec-17 10:29:48

Really stupid question forthcoming

I've only ever lived in places (rentals and homes I've owned) with combined washer dryers, never lived anywhere with a separate washing machine and tumble dryer

Moving into a rental while we do work to our house to get it on the market - and that has separates (oh joy! Oh rapture! A dryer that can take a whole load of towels etc) do you get the timing right?

As in, for most washes I just bung them in for a wash and dry cycle, either before I leave for work (so I come home to a dry load) or in the evening before bed (so I wake up to a dry load).

If all the wet clothes have to be taken out of one machine and put into another to be dried, I'll obvs not be able to just shove a wash on and not worry about it

Timing wise, what's the best way to do this? Put a wash on a delay so the wash cycle only starts an hour or so before I get up, so I don't have wet clothes sitting in the drum overnight? And do the same when I leave for work and try to time it so the wash finishes when I arrive home?

Really stupid question but I've only ever had all in ones where I shove em in and timing doesn't matter, as it'll only be dry washing sitting in the machine!

Thanks in advance, please don't laugh at me too much

Ilikecakes Mon 11-Dec-17 10:38:16

Not a stupid question at all, I luffs my separate washer/dryer. I do as per your second suggestion: washing in before bed, timed to finish just before we get up in morning. Shove it into dryer then so it's finished for when we get home. If there's a second load to do then yes, I'd stick this into washing machine then+do similar time delay so it finishes as you're due home.

Happy washing grin

Blessyourheart Mon 11-Dec-17 10:41:22

I put things like Rowell's and jeans on a rack overnight and put them in the dryer when I get home. It cost effective but more because I like these smell.

Blessyourheart Mon 11-Dec-17 10:42:38

What/who the feck is Rowell??? Towels obvs.

Ifailed Mon 11-Dec-17 10:55:27

I don't like leaving clothes in the dryer, I find they can get too dry (if you know what I mean) and feeling quite rough.
I put a load on in the morning, using one of the economic cycles that takes hours, and when I come home I then move it to the dryer. I'd rather the damp clothes sat in the washer for a few hours than in the dryer. Also slightly worried about leaving a dryer unattended.

bananafish81 Mon 11-Dec-17 11:52:04

OK great, time delay makes sense! Thanks for advice

Stuff that can't be tumbled goes on a rack to dry - though have an absolute loathing for crispy towels, there is nothing better than towels all warm and lovely and fluffy straight from the dryer grin

I'm used to clothes sitting in the dryer - had always thought it was worse to have damp clothes sat in the machine in case they went smelly! Interesting to know others don't find that the case

I think an all in one that necessitates more cycles because the dryer can only cope with a smallish load, so one load of towels ends up being split into two etc. So hoping that in my new nirvana of two machines, I'll be able to do fewer, larger, washes

I'm going to be really spoiled when we move out of the rental unless wherever we buy next after we've sold our house has room for a dryer as well. That or will be ripping out a cupboard to install one!!

Ifailed Mon 11-Dec-17 11:54:34

had always thought it was worse to have damp clothes sat in the machine in case they went smelly

A couple of hours doesn't seem to cause any problems, but I agree with you if it's a longer time, especially in the summer.

bananafish81 Mon 11-Dec-17 15:51:54

Great - thanks Ifailed

Stuff that can't be tumbled I prefer to hang to dry (rather than drape on a rack) if possible - new place doesn't have anywhere obvious to hang stuff, until I discovered some little over the door ironing hooks from Lakeland for a bargainous £2.99. Clip on over the door and voila, room for several hangars. Saddo me is rather chuffed with these! That's my only laundry related tip I can offer by way of contribution to this thread wink

MrsPear Mon 11-Dec-17 15:56:40

Please please ensure you keep the tumble fluff free. Personally I would never leave the dryer on when I’m out or asleep - there are too many fires.

bananafish81 Fri 29-Dec-17 16:33:27

Update from tumble dryer nirvana, for those kind enough to offer advice

Slightly annoyingly the washer is an older machine that doesn't have a delay function, and also doesn't have a quick wash cycle. So can't do as suggested.

BUT. Because of now being in the wonderful heavenly world of having a proper dryer, we now need to do fewer washes - because what would have taken 3 loads before (cos of limited drying capacity for combi washer dryer), now only takes 1 load.

DH said to me yesterday 'I'm a little bit in love with the dryer' grin

We're only in rental while we do up our house to sell it - so wherever we buy next we are going to have to find some way of fitting one in, as can't go back to a shitty all in one now we've been so spoiled by this magical new world of a proper tumble dryer!

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