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Did anyone here do gymnastics or acro gymnastics as a child?

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CheapSausagesAndSpam Mon 11-Dec-17 06:25:22

Can you tell me if it stayed with you in terms of your fitness? DD started last year at age 8 and LOVES it (acro) but it's quite tricky to get her there.....I can and probably will battle on with that but I wanted some stories of how valuable (or not!) it's been as you've grown.

parrotonmyshoulder Mon 11-Dec-17 07:01:34

Not valuable at all to me, in fact harmful in terms of joints. Much more harmful to mental health though!
I’m fit again now in my forties, mentally and physically.
Mine is not a universal experience, but I have been glad my DC have not shown any interest!

DonkeyOaty Mon 11-Dec-17 07:12:17

Not really.
I did my BAGA badges at skool. #old

cheeseandcrackers77 Mon 11-Dec-17 08:26:53

I did it as a child at a high level. I will be honest my joints are knackered at 40 i feel like i have the joints of an 80 year old.

On saying that I can still cartwheel lol

Peanutbuttercheese Mon 11-Dec-17 08:45:24

Mother was a professional dancer and performer. she could still wrap her legs round the back of her head in her sixties. Her body is now as an old woman totally broken. Her level of fitness was however extremely good till she hit 75.

My sister did a lot of gymastics, I did a little but did a lot of dancing and a ton of contact sports. Last check up I had I was told I was very fit, sister is as well but we do have a few joint issues.

Johnnycomelately1 Mon 11-Dec-17 08:55:49

Yes I did- I was pretty crap at it though as I don't have good flexibility. As a teen I preferred ball sports and then took up trail running as an adult and combine that with lifting. I still have pretty crap mobility in certain ranges of movement (can't do an overhead squat for example) but I'm very fit in terms of cardio range and also reasonably strong.

I guess the issue is that unless you go pro, not many people carry gymnastics into adulthood. That said, quite a lot of competitive Crossfitters have a dance or gymnastics background as the flexibility really really helps and some of the moves are actually primarily a gymnastics move (muscle ups etc).

BluthsFrozenBananas Mon 11-Dec-17 09:16:27

My Dsis did gymnastics and sports acro to a high competitive level until she gave up at fifteen. She’s still very flexible but not especially fit, until a couple of years ago she was very overweight too. Once she stopped training daily she really piled on weight, she was used to eating what she liked and burning it all off and didn’t change her eating patterns when her exercise level dropped to almost nil.

CheapSausagesAndSpam Mon 11-Dec-17 10:45:22

God this is all very negative!

Norma27 Mon 11-Dec-17 11:03:45

Another who now has joint issues. My oldest daughter has just given up gymnastics after 5 years and I pulled my youngest out too who had just started. I think she would have actually been better than her sister.
I realised there is quite a lot about gymbastics that I do not like.

I personally feel that swimming lessons are much more beneficial and is a skill that stays with you. I wish I had lessons when I was younger and could swim better now.

Johnnycomelately1 Mon 11-Dec-17 11:11:36

The thing is, if she enjoys it, why not carry on for now? She's highly unlikely to still be doing it when she's 30 because it's just not that type of sport, but she might get into Crossfit or obstacle course racing where that sort of strength and flexibility is a benefit.

My dc both do quite a lot of sports at the moment. They may continue them or they may not, but they're benefiting from doing them now and that just has to be enough because you dont know what will happen to them as teenagers and adults. They may become total fitness addicts or couch potatoes. I can point to examples of both amongst my formerly sporty childhood friends.

Johnnycomelately1 Mon 11-Dec-17 11:15:17

To add, one issue is that people who are good at gymnastics tend to be naturally flexible, which is often due to looseness in connective tissues and around the joints. Therefore the very thing that makes them good ay gym, also puts them at risk of injury.

I hope that doesnt sound like sour grapes on my part (being super-inflexible, which carries its own challenges) but a couple of physios have told me that i'm better off being like me than being super loose, from a "predisposition to injuries" perspective.

CheapSausagesAndSpam Mon 11-Dec-17 11:54:59

JOhnny yes. I'm very flexible...over flexible in all likelyhood and I have bad joints now. sad I hope she's not like me.

Breakfastat Mon 11-Dec-17 12:07:38

My life would be 100% be different and less fulfilled in my opinion if I had never been a gymnast. Started at age 7, now 28 and I teach an acro class at a dance school and still do a bit of gym to this day. I’ve been to America, Europe and the UK through gymnastics/dance. I also danced and only became a dancer due to gymnastics. I also taught gymnastics at an American summer camp. My best friends are gymnasts. A couple of my friends careers are now fully in gymnastics, they earn a decent wage. The dream for me was always the olympics, but although I didn’t make it created valuable friendships and gave me opportunities for life.

Breakfastat Mon 11-Dec-17 12:08:31

Just realised you asked for fitness... yup I’d say it stayed the fitness with me... considering I can still do a back flip!

PointeShoesAndTutus Mon 11-Dec-17 12:19:50

I did, together with ballet. I'm fitter and more flexible than most people my age, and still have odd elements of strength (I am by no means a strong person but I can still do pull ups on a high bar, for example). I think the key is to carry on with something (yoga, pilates, dance..) - the people I know who have struggled are those who just stopped gym and didn't replace it with anything at all. They tended to pile on the weight and struggle with joints most.

Having said that, I have a dodgy ankle joint and 2 dodgy hips as a result of gym. I'd still not change it for anything - it gave me a lot in terms of determination, grit, friendship and discipline which are useful for life generally.

Thetruthfairy Mon 11-Dec-17 13:52:27

I was a gymnast.
Even after 3 children I am still really slim. I am not super fit now, but I find that I can get increase my fitness levels without much work.
I met the majority of my best friends through gymnastics, and we still see each other regularly. I am a qualified coach, and I know I could get work coaching if I decided to leave my current career.
I was absolutely dedicated to the sport as a teenager; it definitely kept me out of trouble and was an excellent outlet when other areas of my life were not going so well.

Negatives... Yes, some of my joints are nackered!

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