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Cravings before Monthly Joy: I want to eat the world.

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BigbreastsBiggerbeard Sun 10-Dec-17 14:48:12

Why do I want to eat everything in the world just before the monthly joy?

Usually it starts a week before and the hunger is INTENSE. There's no discrimination, I will eat anything. Ok, actually, there is discrimination and what I would prefer is Haribo and noodles. But I'll snatch anything from you (and your tiny children) and eat it while you watch.


Please can you let me know how you deal with this if it happens to you - is there anything I can do to reduce the cravings - anything at all??

LittleMissNaice Sun 10-Dec-17 14:52:26

Monthly joy?? I can only assume you mean pay day, and that’s never affected my appetite

StrangeLookingParasite Sun 10-Dec-17 14:55:01

Don't be obtuse, Miss(notvery)Naice. I would assume calling it joy is ironic.

Can't help you as I suffer from the same thing. Pretty much now, as it happens.

Also, clumsiness.

Wellmeetontheledge Sun 10-Dec-17 14:55:57

Yup! I do this! Would love to know the answersmile

BigbreastsBiggerbeard Sun 10-Dec-17 15:05:01

StrangeLooking - ah yes, the clumsiness. It's klutz central here at those times grin Door handles attack me - everything.

It's so frustrating, isn't it? And you just HAVE to eat shock. I'm trying so hard to control it at the moment but seriously, I'm eyeing up someone with a toasted teacake and it's taking all my willpower not to snatch it from their hands. With my teeth.

blackheartsgirl Sun 10-Dec-17 16:22:42

me too. Mines about ten days before and I want to eat everything. I’ve eaten 4 selection boxes and loads of crisps. Now I’ve come on it’s calmed down a lot...until 3 weeks time

BigbreastsBiggerbeard Sun 10-Dec-17 19:11:11

There's nothing that seems to help with the cravings - it's a wonder I don't gain a stone each month hmm

saltnvinegartaytos Sun 10-Dec-17 19:12:33

Yep, me too.

GenericMum Sun 10-Dec-17 19:15:08

Yes. I just want carbs. Give me all the carbs!

EnidButton Sun 10-Dec-17 19:43:58

Oh yes. Carbs. Delicious lovely carbs.

And for some reason this month, an entire very large jar of pickled gherkins. At 3am.confused

BigbreastsBiggerbeard Sun 10-Dec-17 20:47:37

Pasta. Toast. Chocolate fudge cake. And then Haribo for desert.

Oh yes.

dudsville Sun 10-Dec-17 20:50:58

I can easily eat 5 meals, not snacks, meals in the lead up to my period. I manage to counterbalance this extra calorie intake by amount to need v little in the week after. It's crazy, but someone on here posted once done research to prove it was all in my head. .. didn't make a difference to my hunger patterns!

ginteresting Sun 10-Dec-17 21:16:11

I though this was going to be a period troll post, it’s clearly not. I try and stick to rice cakes and cottage cheese when I get the carb lust. It never works though you just have to go full on pizza, full bowl of pasta or big baguette with butter and cheese. Then feel sanctimonious when I get the lack of appetite for the next few days.

BigbreastsBiggerbeard Sun 10-Dec-17 21:39:36

Oh yes, pizza....

Just had two pickled eggs. Didn't hit the spot.

MiddlingMum Sun 10-Dec-17 22:00:56

Fortunately I'm too old for all that stuff, but there would be about 36 hours every month when I could eat the whole supermarket.

TroubledTribble28 Sun 10-Dec-17 22:31:04

Oh hells yes. 4 days of solid face stuffing, all the cake. Along with ice melting fury and dreadful acne. Monthly joy is quite apt.

SimultaneousEquation Sun 10-Dec-17 22:34:32

Arf at monthly joygrin

BigbreastsBiggerbeard Sun 10-Dec-17 22:56:22

Troubled - "ice melting fury" - now, see, there's another stupendously helpful aspect of the lead up to the deluge - wanting to kill people. Especially when they refuse to hand over food that is, by rights, yours.

AbsentmindedWoman Sun 10-Dec-17 23:27:37

Me too. My appetite goes up and I want carb heavy food.

I also lose interest in food then a day or two later, so it seems to balance out.

I think when I'm ravenous I fuel myself up like a camel grin

slimyslitheryslug Sun 10-Dec-17 23:28:29

Ooohhhh.... I've never clocked the clumsiness but, you're right, I'm covered in bruises as well as spots in the lead up to my period.

MayFayner Sun 10-Dec-17 23:31:25

Mine is sugar-specific. I used to have a system where I let myself eat anything at all on day one. But now I have a copper coil and I get spotting for a few days prior, so I'm never sure when day one is exactly and end up eating shite for about four days.

Gingernaut Sun 10-Dec-17 23:33:54

For dinner tonight I've had two grab bags of tortilla chips, an entire pot of salsa, two Mondelez 'chocolate' chunk desserts and two tangerines.

Yesterday was worse.

I should be menopausal.

Anyone notice constipation in the 'lead up' to 'the monthly joy'? Relieved only when the joy is unleashed?

TroubledTribble28 Mon 11-Dec-17 01:05:05

Gingernaut YES! Asif the joy wasnt joyful enough on its own eh. ..
BigBreasts Exactly. Hand over the carbs and nobody gets a fork in the thigh, completely reasonable.
Does anyone else get pissed off with the stereotype period side effects? I actually get annoyed with myself for being the punchline of bad sexist jokes when im on hmm

KnitFastDieWarm Mon 11-Dec-17 01:30:45

Yeah that sounds about right - it's like hangover cravings but more visceral and ragey grin

I persuaded DH that dominos was a good idea tonight (and it bloody way!) and I'm still feeling like I want to chew my own arm off. As mentioned though once the joy arrives I totally lose interest in food for a few days, so hopefully it all balances out..

Mustang27 Mon 11-Dec-17 01:57:04

Oooo I get this. Don't google it because it will only make you rage, articles that say a lot of shit like eat this and ignore you don't need the extra calories. Made me feel really depressed lol.

I'm ravenous it's horrible, I'm so glad I'm not the only one.

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