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Do you have a 13yo ds? What on earth are you getting him for Christmas?

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fadingfast Fri 24-Nov-17 21:07:55

I've no idea what to get him. He's not sure what he wants and Christmas really seems to have lost its sparkle for him this year sad. Probably a teenage thing. All we can think of are various items of tedious computer equipment. But suggestions are not met with any enthusiasm. It makes him sound ungrateful, which he really isn't. I think he is missing the years when all he desired was a massive box of Lego.
So what are you buying for your 13yo ds??

lljkk Fri 24-Nov-17 21:30:35

Probably won't know until about 20th December.
Quite possibly could indeed be a huge lot of Lego, again. Sowwy.

JustBeingJobless Fri 24-Nov-17 21:45:13

Not a 13 year old, but an almost 12 year old, and I’m having the same problem. He’s asked for a laptop and an Xbox game. Grandads bought him the laptop which leaves an Xbox game from me! He just isn’t very forthcoming with ideas!

McButtonwillow Fri 24-Nov-17 21:47:16

We have a similar issue, a couple of PS4 games he wants, he has asked for a few items of clothing, hoodies and joggers so he's got those plus some extras like lounging bottoms (he doesn't do pj's) and some slippers.

I am considering a small Bluetooth speaker for his room and saw a suggestion of a mini fridge on another thread which I think was quite a popular idea (for storing cold drinks and chocolate in their bedrooms) .

I'm finding it a really tricky age to buy for, it's made worse by the fact it's also his birthday 😬

iammargesimpson Fri 24-Nov-17 21:50:58

Oh am following this thread, I have the same problem, I'll probably end up getting him loads of small things like books, hus favourite sweets, mugs, and lynx sets! He has asked for a new phone as his current one is broken and he's not into clothes or sport. Tricky.

isittheholidaysyet Fri 24-Nov-17 21:57:15

He has been planning what he wants for months. Deciding what's for now and what's for birthday at end of Jan.
I have been handed a concise REASONABLE list for the first ever.

One game for 3DS (pokemon)
3 books (1 Magnus chase and 2 stravaganza)
2 dvd's (iron man)

He then scrawled money at the bottom!

(His sack will have lots of sweets and chocs, Pringles, Harry potter underwear, Pj's, self-sealing Water bombs and a pyrography kit for burning designs on wood and some wood items (Not sure how that will be recieved)

May also get some shower gel. But he hasn't opened last year's yet!shock

This is the first year there is no Lego on his list. Maybe he's saving that for birthday.

Frith1975 Fri 24-Nov-17 22:01:33

14 year old here. Nice notebook, tins of chocolate and biscuits from Homesense (was just going to be chocolates but then I saw a lovely biscuit tin!) Calvin Klein socks (reduced in tkmaxx), slippers, an origami star, tiny Christmas tree, small iTunes voucher and car window sticker for his obscure football team.

Will also get him shower gel and perhaps some gadgets from Flying Tiger.

Ginorchoc Fri 24-Nov-17 22:02:24

Young driver lesson?

LolaTheDarkdestroyer Fri 24-Nov-17 22:04:41

13 in jan, scooter parts, clothes, trainers...

MyWhatICallNameChange Fri 24-Nov-17 22:05:04

Harry Potter stuff
Doctor Who stuff
Star Trek stuff
Stranger Things stuff


TinklyLittleLaugh Fri 24-Nov-17 22:07:59

My 11 year old has suggested running spikes, a mountain biking top, a football kit, a Percy Jackson box set and a video game.

Mamabear14 Fri 24-Nov-17 22:09:12

Xbox games and vouchers, mostly. Hoodie, dressing gown, Pokemon game and 2ds xl now his old 3ds has given up the ghost. And a few stocking fillers, guiness world records and Ripleys books as every year. Oh and an emoji cushion shaped like a poo grin
He has a birthday 2 weeks before Christmas so some will be for then.

moodyblues Fri 24-Nov-17 22:16:33

My 14 year old is getting an Xbox game, an x-box console charger, a watch for running, a t-shirt, cinema tickets, chocolate, a solar light key ring, smellies and socks.

fadingfast Fri 24-Nov-17 22:17:36

He has mentioned the new Call of Duty game, but I'm really reluctant to buy a game rated 18 (although you can apparently turn off the blood and bad language). Still feels very wrong to me.

He is now more into clothes so I did wonder about venturing into somewhere like Superdry (although I suspect even the xs might be too big).

Keep the ideas coming!

Mamabear14 Fri 24-Nov-17 22:19:24

I have to buy my almost 13yr old a small in t-shirts in Superdry and a medium in hoodies. He's 5ft6-5ft7 and a 32 waist if that helps any.

fadingfast Fri 24-Nov-17 22:20:12

Oh and I like the idea of the young driver lesson Ginorchoc but DH thinks that's better as a birthday present confused

Chewbecca Fri 24-Nov-17 22:20:57

14 yo DS here. He wants an external hard drive, headphone and tons of computer games.

fadingfast Fri 24-Nov-17 22:22:25

Oh perhaps the xs will be ok then, Mamabear14. DS is around 5ft 2" and quite skinny.

traviata Fri 24-Nov-17 22:23:55

framed posters for room
3D pen (Maplin)
vouchers for indoor sky diving (Tesco Clubcard)
bluetooth running headphones & bluetooth transmitter (for birthday)

plus stocking which will have some sciency things plus sweets, fun pens

On his list:
hoodies from Redbubble
Exploding Kittens game

I also considered cinema voucher, guitar or guitar pedal, digital drum kit, cushions and throw for room, fun slippers, onesie, other board games, cool trainers, tickets for a show or a gig.

dlnex Fri 24-Nov-17 22:27:44

13 yo DD has a v.long, v.expensive list which included diving with sharks experience at local aquarium.....

traviata Fri 24-Nov-17 22:32:09

dinex that sounds amazing

<<googles diving with sharks>>

Hulaflame Fri 24-Nov-17 22:37:24

Karting day or their own bank account? They'll be doing about money management in PSHE lessons at that age.

dlnex Fri 24-Nov-17 22:42:52

Blue Planet Aquarium Cheshire Oaks. We have done 'sea life' aquariums, Blue Planet is a bit different - in a good way!

clary Fri 24-Nov-17 22:53:07

Laptop, he is paying half of it, it's for Comp Sci GCSE really.

Running kit, cheap bits of.

DVD, chocolate, small bottles of Coke (no one else likes it), calendar.

That's about it, because of the laptop (which he also already has, sigh, as he needed it for GCSE.) He's very sporty tho so it's easy to think of things for him. He's 14 not 13 actually.

Other things might be any amount of Nike athleisurewear, footy boots, ref's watch, training bits for athletics (weights, resistance bands, leg roller thingy), PS games, maybe bits for his room like a lamp. Stationery eg nice highlighters etc. Also superior underwear from M&S at £18 for two! why are boys' undies so much dearer than girls'?

EndoplasmicReticulum Fri 24-Nov-17 23:28:19

Mine will be 13 soon. We have to go to Warhammer World for his birthday and buy a lot of orcs.

My house is taken over by tiny plastic armies of things. It is worse than the Lego.

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