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14th Birthday 'do' - advice needed!

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GoldSpot Thu 23-Nov-17 17:51:33

DD turns 14 in a few weeks time and having said she didn't want a party/celebration she now says she wants to do cinema and a meal. Last birthday, she had a sleepover so that was straightforward.

I'm just wondering what the parental etiquette is for teenagers of this age? Do I book the cinema tickets and restaurant table (nothing fancy, probably Pizza Express) and turn up at the restaurant at the end of it all, credit card in hand? Or do I supervise from a discreet distance? Is it an acceptable age for teenagers to eat out by themselves? It would be an early afternoon film followed by a meal around 5pm.

TrollTheRespawnJeremy Thu 23-Nov-17 17:56:46

If they're fairly savvy I'd give your daughter the money to pay for pizza and book the cinema in advance.

Make sure they're all aware of budget etc. Then I'd leave them to it.

If they're a young 14 I'd maybe go shopping in the area etc so that you're very nearby.

GoldSpot Thu 23-Nov-17 18:01:59

Thanks Troll - definitely a young 14!

TrollTheRespawnJeremy Thu 23-Nov-17 18:03:34

She'd maybe find being in charge of money/budget etc quite stressful then. Can you go for dinner with a friend at the same time and watch from afar? Maybe do something nice for yourselves while they are in the cinema? (My immediate thought it spa massage!)

GoldSpot Thu 23-Nov-17 18:06:56

Troll - that's a good idea. Maybe we could meet them at the restaurant but make sure our table is far away, so they can get on with it.

Peachyking000 Thu 23-Nov-17 18:14:51

We did this recently, though DS was a bit younger (11). DH and I sat at a different table out of their view, but it meant we were easily able to pay the bill at the end.

TrollTheRespawnJeremy Thu 23-Nov-17 18:14:53

Just so long as your daughter knows that you are there/ has her mobile anyway etc etc.
14 is such an awkward age. I hope they have a great time!

GoldSpot Thu 23-Nov-17 18:28:08

Thanks Troll and Peachy - it will definitely make things easier if we are nearby. 14 is very tricky - at that age, I just remember millions of sleepovers. I certainly wasn't eating out in restaurants with my friends!

saladdays66 Thu 23-Nov-17 21:49:19

I'd probably eat at another table in the restaurant, subtly...

Not sure if a restaurant would be keen on unattended 14yos!

GoldSpot Fri 24-Nov-17 17:06:26

Yes saladdy - I think I am going to call Pizza Express and have a chat with the local branch staff. A bunch of 14 year old girls are NOISY!

saladdays66 Tue 28-Nov-17 09:05:13

grin Hope they have fun!

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