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I told my 5yo DS that Santa would bring him a PS4

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dearordearohdear Thu 23-Nov-17 13:27:04

The words came tumbling out of my mouth as if I was possessed.

He had a weekend with his older cousins and played a star wars game that he absolutely adored.

Am I going to regret this? Is he too young? I don't know anything about these consoles. The bloody thing is nearly £300!!!!!!!! Ah, shit.

confused gin

AdalindSchade Thu 23-Nov-17 13:28:00

Very silly for a 5 year old imo.

BeyondAssignation Thu 23-Nov-17 13:30:05

You'll be able to get a PS4 slim for under £200, you won't need a PS4 pro for a five year old

Is £200 more doable?

WitchesHatRim Thu 23-Nov-17 13:30:11

5 is to young imo yes.

dearordearohdear Thu 23-Nov-17 13:30:54

How do I get out of it!? He asks me every morning if Santa will bring the PS4. Its literally the first thing that comes out of his mouth.


SandyDenny Thu 23-Nov-17 13:31:11

That doesn't make any sense, what do you mean the words came tumbling out? What sort of thing possesses people and makes them say stupid stuff?

You've lost me and 5 is too young for any games console imo

BeyondAssignation Thu 23-Nov-17 13:32:16

Tesco extra have a 500gb console with fifa for £199.99

BeyondAssignation Thu 23-Nov-17 13:33:58

Gaming family here, my DCs were using them long before five.
People get weird about consoles for some reason.

dearordearohdear Thu 23-Nov-17 13:33:59

Having a bad day, Sandy? hmm

Would the game he likes be compatible with the cheaper console? I can't even remember the name of the game off to google

AnneLovesGilbert Thu 23-Nov-17 13:34:00

He's 5. Distract him with something else. Start saying you don't know, instead of yes. The point about father christmas is he's a different entity to parents so how can you possibly know what gifts he's going to be bringing your son?

Raisedbyguineapigs Thu 23-Nov-17 13:34:19

I told my Dr when he wanted a Nintendo 3ds that Santa won't get anything that is not age appropriate. But I've put myself in a bind over loads of Santa rules that the buggers seem to them etch into their brains year on year 😂

dearordearohdear Thu 23-Nov-17 13:36:29

I have kind of been saying that, tried to be vague. But I am dreading the look of disappointment if it doesn't arrive on christmas day.

My partner does have a PS3 he says we can gift DS but I am not sure the game he likes will play in it or not.

And I honestly don't know whether its a good idea - there are such split views on it. Some people think its the work of the devil, others think its ace. I have no idea. All I know is my DS really really reeeeeally wants one

BeyondAssignation Thu 23-Nov-17 13:36:38

Yeah the new console is 4K, any games are compatible with the cheaper one (it's what our second one is, first one is the launch model)

If it's the Lego Star Wars one, we have it and they love it (as do I - I love all of the Lego games)

PinkHeart5914 Thu 23-Nov-17 13:37:38

I don’t think his too young at all for a games console and I’d have no problem with him having it.

However does it have to be a PlayStation 4, can you get an older version for cheaper. Surely each PlayStation version has had a Star Wars game? I don’t know much about these things though so can’t help on what to buy

dearordearohdear Thu 23-Nov-17 13:37:47

The game he loves is called Battlefront

Does anyone know if it is compatible with the PS3??

BeyondAssignation Thu 23-Nov-17 13:38:06

(If it is the Lego one, it is also available on PS3)

BeyondAssignation Thu 23-Nov-17 13:38:48

Battlefront isn't on the ps3 I'm afraid sad

QuopQuop Thu 23-Nov-17 13:40:15

My son (5) loves it!!

I did buy it for DH but DC play on it a lot too

He will love it

Mol1628 Thu 23-Nov-17 13:40:22

It’s fine if it’s in your budget and you obviously supervise him on it. Same as any technology!
I’d probably get a second hand one for his age, unless it can be a family present that everyone can use then a new one would be more worth it.

Justmuddlingalong Thu 23-Nov-17 13:40:25

Battlefront for ages 16 and over? Perhaps Santa would think this really not age appropriate.

ILikeyourHairyHands Thu 23-Nov-17 13:40:26

OP, you know that's game's a 16 rating don't you?

WhimsicalTart Thu 23-Nov-17 13:40:40

Battlefront isn't compatible with a 5 year old.

ILikeyourHairyHands Thu 23-Nov-17 13:41:00

X posts there!

supermanslefttesticle Thu 23-Nov-17 13:42:21

Star Wars battlefront is a PEGI 16!!

Even though it's not gory, there's a lot of violence and left ta completely unsuitable for a 5 year old.

I'm a gamer myself and have no problem with 5 year olds gaming, but the content needs to be suitable and battlefront certainly isn't.

If you want to get him a PS4 that's fine, but you need to seriously research which games to get him!

QuopQuop Thu 23-Nov-17 13:42:27

We also have a PS3 and you can get second hand games in CEX or similar shops for under £10!
My DC 5&8 both play on both consoles and I don't think they would know the difference!!

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