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How do I un-fuck my sleeping pattern?

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AngeloMysterioso Thu 23-Nov-17 04:19:32

So on Tuesday I’d had 3 hours sleep, got home at 9, was asleep by 11ish, husband woke me up going to loo at half 3 yesterday morning and that was it, I was awake. Last night, in bed and asleep by 10, woke up about 1:15, been awake ever since. By mid-afternoon I’m almost asleep at my desk. What do I do??

BulletFox Thu 23-Nov-17 04:28:33

Do you normally wake up easily?

Have you got something on your mind?

Might sound trite, but have you got really lovely bedding/tried a sleep pillow spray/stopped coffee & tea in the afternoon etc?

AngeloMysterioso Thu 23-Nov-17 04:31:14

I’ve got the thisworks pillow spray. Only peppermint tea after lunch. Had some sleep tea.

I always have shit on my mind unfortch, it never stops...

BulletFox Thu 23-Nov-17 04:36:39

Oh gosh, how about things to destress outside of work? (Autocorrect tried to put that as thongs grin)

Do you have time to go for a stroll/do hobbies to switch off a little?

mylaptopismylapdog Thu 23-Nov-17 04:45:58

Try reading or doing a body scan meditation before you go to sleep to take your mind off things

ohdo Thu 23-Nov-17 04:46:23

Watching with interest <yawns>

SpidersWithBellsOn Thu 23-Nov-17 05:49:38

Try keeping a notepad and pencil (not pen in case you get ink in the bedding) next to the bed and try writing everything down that’s floating inside your head. Doesn’t matter how small, silly, or repetitive.

Either this will help you relax as you know you won’t forget stuff because it’s on paper or it’ll be so boring you’ll fall asleep anyway smile Worked for me, to the point I can write a list with the light off and it’s still legible in the morning.

SpidersWithBellsOn Thu 23-Nov-17 05:51:47

Ooh, yes, as lapdog suggests, relaxation exercises might be good. Try concentrating on tensing each muscle group in turn for 10 seconds, starting at your toes and working up to your head and face. Make sure you fully relax each group after the 10 seconds before moving into the next.

theaveragewife Thu 23-Nov-17 05:56:30

Make sure you're getting some fresh air and outdoor light in the daytime, do you get out of the office? Magnesium salt baths before bed and some lavender oil will help too. I was in this pattern for 4 weeks due to stress and have just managed to have two night where I didn't wake up at 1.30 for 4 hours, hopefully it sticks flowers

user1472377586 Thu 23-Nov-17 05:57:24

If it doesn't disturb your dh, play a sleep meditation app? There are some good ones that take you through relaxation exercises that work for me.

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