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MsJaneAusten Thu 23-Nov-17 02:50:15

Anyone here has quinsy and able to describe your symptoms? I started with a sore throat this morning and now I’m crying due to the pain. Dr Google has diagnosed quinsy, but I worry that if I go see a doctor for a sore throat I’ll be laughed out of the room.

flapmyfunnels Thu 23-Nov-17 03:57:54

I've had it and it was awful, couldn't swallow my saliva, let alone eat or drink. I needed strong antibiotics and painkillers (soluble cocodamol worked best for me). Definitely go to Drs in the morning. Hope you feel better soon

Haudyerwheesht Thu 23-Nov-17 05:40:53

I haven't had it but they thought it did (was glandular fever with to tonsillitis)

My throat was so swollen my tonsils were almost completely swollen over my throats iyswim. Was also completely white and I could barely breathe. Was drooling as couldn't swallow spit and couldn't close mouth. I don't remember how sore it was because I was delirious

Hope you don't mind me replying I know I DIDNT have it but the doctors obviously thought the symptoms were very similar.

Awwlookatmybabyspider Thu 23-Nov-17 05:53:34

Why would your Doctor laugh you out of the place for going with a sore throat.
If its an infection you'll need antibiotics. Its not going to go away on its own.

I've had one, my tonsils were so swollen they were touching each other and closing my throat off so I couldn't even swallow my own saliva, had to keep spitting it out. My temperature was also sky high and I ended up in hospital for a few days so they could monitor me and try to get my temperature down. I was also on a drip as I couldn't eat or drink (this was 30 years ago). I ended up going in again a few months later to have my tonsils out so I wasn't at risk of getting another one

GoldilocksAndTheThreePears Thu 23-Nov-17 06:05:59

I had one once after many bouts of tonsillitis, about 4-5 a year for several years which landed me in hospital on a drip every time due to bad dehydration and pain. It was only getting the quinsy that finally meant they allowed me my tonsils out. It was agony, felt like horrendous tonsillitis plus the dehydration which lead to headaches so bad I couldn't move, and the feeling like i had a razor blade covered tennis ball lodged in my throat.

If there is any chance it could be a quinsy see a Dr. It's unlikely to go on it's own and only get worse, I got mine seen to finally after a Dr just wrote me off because I was there so often with my throat. In the end I had to get it lanced at hospital which was torture as I was passing out from pain and dehydration. Very glad I was allowed my tonsils out finally! Never had another bout, though they are growing back slowly.

MsJaneAusten Thu 23-Nov-17 06:55:37

Thank you. It’s been areally rough night. Gp opens in an hour so I’ll call then.

Helbelle75 Thu 23-Nov-17 07:06:13

I've had 3, the most recent just a few weeks ago. The pain is excruciating, and as others have said, you won't be able to swallow your own saliva. Your voice will go all muffled and you won't be able to open your mouth fully.
Get yourself to the doctor's. I've needed iv antibiotics each time.
If it is a quinsy, it will burst at some point (the relief is amazing!) as it's essentially an abcess, but it is the most revolting thing ever. Just to warn you.
I have read that they drain them, but my hospital said that they wouldn't.
I really hope you've only got tonsillitis.

LondonNicki Thu 23-Nov-17 07:10:23

It’s awful. Hopefully they will agree to remove your tonsillitis once the infection is gone (they did with me and I haven’t been sick a day since). Mine developed into kidney infection and scarlet fever - it can be very dangerous. I hope they admit you and drain it ASAP.

Yogagirl123 Thu 23-Nov-17 07:18:40

I had one as a child and then again at (28) very painful complication of tonsillitis, with the last occasion I was admitted to hospital as an emergency as I could hardly swallow, open mouth and was feeling very ill, they drained the quinsy, it was an amazing relief, then on IV antibiotics, stayed overnight in hospital, was placed on the emergency list for tonsillectomy. I hope you are better soon, but my advice would be to push for a tonsillectomy once you have recovered. The best thing ever, very rarely now do I have a sore throat.

feral Thu 23-Nov-17 07:23:26

I've had two.

First one no doctor diagnosed just kept saying tonsillitis until my throat had closed over that much I could bare swallow and was struggling to breathe then the student doctor (on 3rd visit to GP) knew right away what it was and I was 'rushed' straight to ENT and it was lanced and I was on anti and fluids for 4 days in hospital!

Apparently it was just in time as could've burst it was so full of puss and I might've choked.

Second time they got it much sooner due to my medical history but was still hospitalised for 3 days sad

After that they took my tonsils out! Since then I barely get a cold.

I should say this was 20 years ago.

Symptoms other than pain and not able to swallow etc were that I could barely talk. I was so weak too but that was because it went undiagnosed.

Good luck OP this sucks for you but hopefully they'll sort it out quick.

faitch Thu 23-Nov-17 07:27:10

I thought this was a name suggestion thread when I saw it pop up.... 😳

Ilovewillow Thu 23-Nov-17 07:35:52

Please go to the GP, my husband has had two over the years and the first caused him to end up in hospital having it popped (can’t think of the right word)! They can be treated early in with antibiotics.

He ended up having his tonsils out some years later due to the problems he had. Wishing you a speedy recovery!

NorthernChinchilla Thu 23-Nov-17 09:00:50

Had one at the end of my recurrent bouts of tonsillitis. Utter agony, wanted to stab myself in the ear as the pain was just all encompassing, weeping, hysterical.

Was only given anti biotics but had tonsils out shortly afterwards. Best. Thing. Ever.

Good luck OP, hope GP gets you sorted.

whataconundrum Thu 23-Nov-17 09:01:59

I've had one. I had morphine whilst they drained it. I could barely open my mouth so feel your pain

WitchesHatRim Thu 23-Nov-17 09:05:42

My DF had it. He literally couldn't move or breathe.

He ended up being blue lighted to hospital ordered by the GP and on a drip. He was in there for days.

Go to the drs.

MsJaneAusten Thu 23-Nov-17 09:09:56

Thank you all. I’ve got an appointment later this morning. I peeked up a bit after some paracetamol and managed a shower. Now I’m back on the sofa with a spit bucket as swallowing makes my whole body hurt. This is horrendous.

NannyR Thu 23-Nov-17 09:15:42

I had one once and what made it different to 'normal' tonsillitis (for me) was that I had lots of ear and tooth pain at that side as well as excruciating throat pain. I also had trouble opening my mouth. The relief of having it drained was instantaneous and after a night in hospital on iv antibiotics I felt so much better.

lljkk Thu 23-Nov-17 09:15:56

So glad you've got an appt, sounds very bad. sad
Let us know when you're better.

DS had Quinsy. Could only open his mouth about 1 cm & had a wacking great visible abscess. Overnight hospital stay with IV antibiotics. Took at least 1 wk to come on & another week to get right again. Hope you feel better soon.

MsJaneAusten Thu 23-Nov-17 09:19:07

I can open my mouth, but I can’t really talk or swallow. I can’t see an abscess but it’s all very red and swollen. I have earache and a temperature. I’m currently sat with half a mug of honey / lemon / hot water and I’m having to psyche myself up for each mouthful. Sorry. Pity post!

CustardDoughnutsRule Thu 23-Nov-17 09:48:14

I had one, I thought they tended to be a complication of tonsillitis so you get normal tonsillititis then the quinsy after. Anyway the key difference with quinsy for me was it was asymmetrical and I could only open my mouth a small amount as lljkk describes. It developed after a couple of weeks of tonsillitis.

However I've also had horrendous tonsillitis where I couldn't sleep because my throat closed up when I relaxed and then I couldn't breathe, and my whole neck swelled up. You really really have to keep drinking and eating something, no matter how painful. It is so easy not to, but you will feel heaps better if you do I promise. And bad tonsillitis absolutely needs a dr appt too, so I'm glad you are going.

MsJaneAusten Thu 23-Nov-17 12:02:32

I’ve been in. He thinks it’s ‘just’ tonsilitis so I’m off back to bed. Thank you for the hand holding.

buzzbobboo Thu 23-Nov-17 12:14:26

I’d keep an eye on it today and if you get worse see a doctor again. I had a horrendous sore throat last summer, so ill. Dr said just tonsillitis but didn’t give me anything. Foolishly went away 2 days later to s reunion after days in bed. Ended up in out of hours at 6am next morning after horrendously painful night, they said it was quinsy starting, hoped they’d caught it just in time for the antibiotics to deal with it. I was away and had a 3 hour train journey home after getting my prescription and taking first tablets. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so ill, delirious in my life. Horrid journey. My breathing was shallow and I couldn’t swallow. I think if I’d travelled home first then seen Dr later I might have been in hospital. It’s not something to mess around with.

Best of luck to you but if it gets worse go back to them x

Hairyhat Thu 23-Nov-17 14:24:00

I had it about 20 years ago and was admitted to hospital as my airway started to close up. I'd had the doctor out (Home visit) twice by then as the first antibiotics didn't work (or maybe shouldn't have been prescribed). (I didn't have any tonsils they came out at age 16). If you start to struggle to breathe get to health professional ASAP. Good luck and get well soon Op.

RebeccaJane12 Thu 23-Nov-17 14:49:36

Mine was tonsillitis and then turned to quinsy, I also had to go straight to hospital as I was close to suffocating due to my throat closing. It was drained and I was put on a drip and kept it. Very scary. Couldn't swallow 1/4 of a tablet it was that swollen. Also can't open your mouth. Please keep an eye on it xx

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