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How is the weather where you are?

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Blackandpurple Wed 22-Nov-17 21:27:46

Absolutely appalling here in Snowdonia. Roads closed, localised flooding, accidents, A55 closed again! Hasn’t stopped raining since last night.

Crunchymum Wed 22-Nov-17 21:29:22

Just very windy here (central London)

leaveituntiltomorrow Wed 22-Nov-17 21:30:33

Very windy and starting to rain on the South Coast.

AllTheWittyNamesAreGone Wed 22-Nov-17 21:30:41

Aye just windy. Here in the SE
My socktupus fell off the washing line.

Incitatus Wed 22-Nov-17 21:31:00

Flooded roads here in County Durham. I’ve just crawled home in my car at about 25mph.

DancingHouse Wed 22-Nov-17 21:31:04

Typical November rain.

JaneEyre70 Wed 22-Nov-17 21:31:29

Very very windy here in Gloucestershire. In fact it's howling round the house.

AppleJuiceFlood Wed 22-Nov-17 21:31:47

Apparently we are to get a wee bit of snow in central Scotland overnight! ❄️

ItsLikeSputnik Wed 22-Nov-17 21:32:51

It has been raining non stop here in North Lanarkshire for the last 48 hours (at least). It’s totally miserable - there’s hardly been any daylight for days.

MarshaBradyo Wed 22-Nov-17 21:33:12

Very windy, and mild today in London

Felt quite woolly at one point, I like that kind of weather

AccidentallyRunToWindsor Wed 22-Nov-17 21:33:30

South coast too and there’s been rain and now lots of strong wind.

AnonEvent Wed 22-Nov-17 21:34:16

Windy, windy, windy wooo. I can hear it in the chimney and I can hear various detritus hollowing down the road (central/W London).

Girliefriendlikesflowers Wed 22-Nov-17 21:34:42

I'm South West and its really stormy, taken me a bit by surprise! Heavy rain and blowing a hoolie.....

AnonEvent Wed 22-Nov-17 21:35:00

Hollowing... and also ‘blowing’.

drspouse Wed 22-Nov-17 21:35:40

NW England, cats and dogs coming past the window. Roads are like rivers.

elQuintoConyo Wed 22-Nov-17 21:36:10

AllTheWittyNamesAreGone not the socktopus? I hope she's ok, any broken tentacles?

I have 19° at midday tomorrow with sun/cloud.

I hope everyone is safe in the floods/wind/snow.

goose1964 Wed 22-Nov-17 21:37:07

It's been not very nice here in the SW. Fairly windy and rainy. I'm sure our town has its own weather system as it rarely seems to be doing what the surrounding areas fo

MrsGrindah Wed 22-Nov-17 21:37:10

“ My socktopus fell off the washing line” Now there’s a sentence you don’t read every day grin

SpangledBoots Wed 22-Nov-17 21:37:58

Pissing down, a bit windy and pretty cold - standard for Glasgow!

oldlaundbooth Wed 22-Nov-17 21:39:05

Eastern Canada.

Hovering around zero atm. Had snow on Sunday night.

Winter came early this year.


DesperatelySeeking2016 Wed 22-Nov-17 21:39:35

Very windy in Hampshire. I long for snow, it is coming up for 5 years since we had any decent snow.

oldlaundbooth Wed 22-Nov-17 21:40:06

It's been bright though, so we count our blessings <wraps cardy around self>

AllTheWittyNamesAreGone Wed 22-Nov-17 21:40:19

Hes come in for the night to get over the shock


LittleCandle Wed 22-Nov-17 21:40:36

Been pissing down all day here in East Lothian. It was raining yesterday was well. I don't think the dog has been properly dry all day!

NamasteNiki Wed 22-Nov-17 21:53:53

Howling galen outside.

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