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Does Finland Exist?

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brasty Wed 22-Nov-17 15:44:06

While it may seem unlikely that Finland does not exist, I have never been there, so maybe it doesn't?

"In the Cold War era, Japan and the Soviet Union supposedly shared a secret about a stretch of the Baltic Sea between the Soviet Union and Sweden. Around the mid-20th century, the two nations collectively spread the idea that there was a landmass known as Finland on the stretch of ocean, to keep the good fishing between themselves. The Japanese were free to fish as much as they liked there without worrying about international laws, so long as they give a share to Russia."

W1a Wed 22-Nov-17 15:46:08

I’ve nevrr been there.

I also don’t believe that the Isle of Man is real.

Launderetta Wed 22-Nov-17 15:46:30

I've been there, it was all 3-D and full of real people, not just fish - definitely wasn't just in my imagination.

AllTheWittyNamesAreGone Wed 22-Nov-17 15:47:15

I've not been there either.
Dp 'says' he has been there, but has he though?


MirandaWest Wed 22-Nov-17 15:47:16

I don't know about Finland but the Isle of Man is real smile]

ChaChaChaCh4nges Wed 22-Nov-17 15:48:11

How do you explain satellite images then?

brasty Wed 22-Nov-17 15:48:31

Launderetta But maybe you are simply a Soviet spy paid to spread misinformation on the internet?

VivaLeBeaver Wed 22-Nov-17 15:48:52

Dd told me the other week that Finland doesn't exist so maybe she's onto something.

ptumbi Wed 22-Nov-17 15:49:24

Isn't Finland a bloody long way from Japan? How do 'the Japanese' fish there?

brasty Wed 22-Nov-17 15:49:28

AllTheWittyNames LTB, he is lying. Must have been having an affair.

glitterbiscuits Wed 22-Nov-17 15:50:38

When I went there it was covered in snow so it was hard to tell.

KurriKurri Wed 22-Nov-17 15:51:18

Finland is an anagram of Nil Fnad ('Unreal' in Finnish <or whatever imaginary language they speak>)

DramaAlpaca Wed 22-Nov-17 15:51:33

I've been there, so I know it exists.

There's a Moomin shop in Helsinki <misses point of thread>

Terrylene Wed 22-Nov-17 15:51:41

The person All the people I know from Finland seem to think it exists.

Terrylene Wed 22-Nov-17 15:52:47

There's a Moomin shop in Helsinki Got to go there grin

KurriKurri Wed 22-Nov-17 15:53:30

There's a Moomin shop in Covent Garden Alpaca - and we all know that's a made up place.

DramaAlpaca Wed 22-Nov-17 15:53:55

Terrylene it's worth going there just for that. Two floors of nothing but Moomins! I loved it grin

DramaAlpaca Wed 22-Nov-17 15:55:01

There's a Moomin shop in Covent Garden Ooh really? Got to go there too!

brasty Wed 22-Nov-17 15:55:18

"But what about the 5.5 million Finnish people themselves, and the thousands who emigrate to or visit Finland? The conspirators have thought of an answer to that too. Their claim is that the Finnish people, while believing that they live in Finland, are actually residing in small towns throughout Sweden, Estonia, and Russia, in remote forested areas. This is where people travelling to Finland are actually flown to."

So the Moomin shop is not in Finland.

AllTheWittyNamesAreGone Wed 22-Nov-17 15:56:24

Moomins are creepy.
And the human characters are all meth heads, look at the bags under their eyes.

So maybe he who made up looming made up Finland..

AllTheWittyNamesAreGone Wed 22-Nov-17 15:57:41

Moomnin not looming.
Looming is real, my dad's a pro loomer

Ecureuil Wed 22-Nov-17 15:58:01

My best friend lived there until she was 18. Or did she?

hesterton Wed 22-Nov-17 15:58:08

Got drunk many moons ago in Helsinki with the very agreeable crew of a boat. That was real. The white alcohol they shared gave me an unreal hangover though.

BulletFox Wed 22-Nov-17 15:58:16

Urrrgh Finland. Don't they get about 2 hours of sunlight during winter months?

I had a Finnish friend who said the entire country went into a collective coma when winter months were approaching. I haven't fact verified this

brasty Wed 22-Nov-17 15:58:24

The Moomins was allegedly written by a woman, and originally in Swedish.

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