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AIBU re Amazon?

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LucyLastik Mon 20-Nov-17 21:50:02

Ordered some books for work (trainee teacher) that I intended to use at the beginning of this week. Ordered them around lunchtime on Friday and specifically chose Prime labelled items to ensure quick delivery.

I've received an email update today saying that I'll have to wait a few more days as there's been a delay.

What's the point in paying extra for Prime delivery if the items are going to take days to arrive?! Fed up and have had to re-write my plans for this week which take forever at the moment anyway!

Muddlingalongalone Mon 20-Nov-17 21:54:29

Complain - they'll extend your prime membership for an extra month.
Doesn't help with this week but better than nothing!

WaxOnFeckOff Mon 20-Nov-17 21:58:04

I've done nothing but complain to them for weeks about this sort of thing. Delayed items then cancelled and then them asking you to re-order (at usually increased cost). Today's was another late arrival that was also broken. They seemed to think I'd be happy with a refund and for me to dispose of it for them ( a kitchen bin so not exactly tiny). Spent an hour on chat with some moron in india that kept guaranteeing that I wouldn't ever face same issue again - fuckwit! Once again this was a lightning deal that was now ,ore expensive so they'd rather refund it and make me re-order.

Brightredpencil Mon 20-Nov-17 21:58:09

Prime is going down the pan in my opinion. Same here. Got an email earlier saying If have to wait a day or two extra for my parcel. It also doesn't include weekend days as counting towards delivery which I'm convinced it used to. (I'm positive I've have Sunday deliveries before too).
I actually tried Argos and it was really good. You can choose delivery slots, there's a chat messaging service for help and they do next day delivery.

LineysRum Mon 20-Nov-17 22:01:36

Argos 'Fast Track' just let me down, unfortunately. Went in for my item and they couldn't find it. Got a rather gormless 'sorry'.

Are we all just fodder now?

wowfudge Mon 20-Nov-17 22:03:53

They are swamped and have a lot of new drivers for the Christmas period. I paid for next day delivery - I don't buy enough to justify Prime - and they allegedly tried to deliver to a closed office building after 9.30 at night. Spoke to customer services and they refunded the delivery charge. My order eventually arrived late in the day next day.

WaxOnFeckOff Mon 20-Nov-17 22:06:14

Best last week was a pair of shoes for DS on Prime - ordered on a Saturday and not delivered until the following Friday. Then when you complain you get India, the Caribbean or South Africa - they are all equally useless.

WaxOnFeckOff Mon 20-Nov-17 22:07:52

I was speaking to the Hermes woman the other week and she said that they were getting all sorts of unachievable things to be done while the actual Amazon delivery driver was getting no work at all. Said it was a shambles.

Toffeelatteplease Mon 20-Nov-17 22:08:15

Might help if they offered the electronic credit for accepting 5 day delivery like they did last year as opposed to pantry credit which is completely unincentivising. That said I order a fair amount from amazon and never have any issues.

LucyLastik Mon 20-Nov-17 22:10:41

I know things are picking up for Christmas but it is really frustrating! Thanks for the tips 👍🏻

Comeonmommy Mon 20-Nov-17 22:16:54

They have done this to me today.
On the tracker it says it was received in my home town at 2am this morning but my prime delivery has been delayed and I will get it Thursday hmm hmmhmmhmm
I’ve raised a query online and even they couldn’t answer my question about where my parcel is and where it’s going for the next 3 days - I could be at their depot within 15minutes!!!!!

Branleuse Mon 20-Nov-17 22:19:59

Prime is fine most of the year, but once you get into october it gets slower and slower. They cannot cope with the extra demand. Next day delivery often turns into 3 day delivery. Its the same every year. Im not stressing anymore

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