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Apparently my swearing (and yours) is losing MN ad revenue

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QuimJongUn Mon 20-Nov-17 12:20:43

Says The Economist.

This is what I found when I idly googled my NN just now.

Fuck me, who'd have cocking well thunk it? grin

Sparklingbrook Mon 20-Nov-17 12:22:31

My conscience is clear. grin

Ilovetolurk Mon 20-Nov-17 12:24:26

I would like to know what’s so provocative in the tv topics

TrinityBelle Mon 20-Nov-17 12:26:03

Oh no. What a fucking shame.

QuimJongUn Mon 20-Nov-17 12:26:46

I'm just chuffed that my inventive foulmouthery is finally getting the recognition it deserves.

NumberEightyOne Mon 20-Nov-17 12:26:56

Fuck off. I don't believe that bollocks.

DeleteOrDecay Mon 20-Nov-17 12:27:02


Velvetbee Mon 20-Nov-17 12:27:14

Oh bollocks!

splendide Mon 20-Nov-17 12:27:14

How interesting! I wonder if they'll ban swearing? They must at least discuss the possibility

Wolfiefan Mon 20-Nov-17 12:27:39

Oh fuck. That's shit! grin

Gruach Mon 20-Nov-17 12:29:57


That Swear Chart is hilarious. Cannot believe people went to the trouble of compiling it.

usernameinfinito Mon 20-Nov-17 12:31:02

What a load of crap! And shit and pee and faeces and fecal matter and fart and poo!

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Mon 20-Nov-17 12:31:43

Thanks for the link OP grin

I too particularly enjoyed the graphs

00100001 Mon 20-Nov-17 12:31:45

Fuck shot cock balls wank arse

00100001 Mon 20-Nov-17 12:31:59

Poo bum willy boobs

Soubriquet Mon 20-Nov-17 12:33:31

Cunt wankpuffin tosspot arsebadger

I swearing? Never

CuppaSarah Mon 20-Nov-17 12:34:54

Fucking hell with shitty bunch of twat cocks fucked about to shit that list up? Bugger me if I know?

fuck fuck willy shit. Tits twatty arse.

smartiecake Mon 20-Nov-17 12:35:30

Fucking hilarious!
Crap, damn and god must be pissed off they are decreasing in popularity

blueskydreams Mon 20-Nov-17 12:36:35

Very amusing

Thishatisnotmine Mon 20-Nov-17 12:36:55

A decrease in bugger! Bugfer is my familly friendly swearword!

Bugger bugger bugger!

That is the best chart ever.

OnceUponACock Mon 20-Nov-17 12:36:56

What a cunt

QuimJongUn Mon 20-Nov-17 12:37:18

Apparently 'God' is a swearword. Whoever compiled that chart would fucking shit themselves if they ever went to church.

QuimJongUn Mon 20-Nov-17 12:38:37

Why is Chat not featured on that graph? We're fucking vile in Chat. Perhaps it broke the chart and they had to leave it off.

averylongtimeago Mon 20-Nov-17 12:47:38

Well bugger me! Who would have fucking thought it? Mums swear on mumsnet, how shocking!

I actually think the amount of swearing has gone down, if you look at it as swears per person per post, but I'm not going to compile a spreadsheet to prove it.

The amount of swearing on here doesn't have an effect on the number of times users see adverts or click on links though, so why should advertisers be bothered?

oldlaundbooth Mon 20-Nov-17 12:49:43

Bag of wank, clearly.

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