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PGL Holidays

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crumpetholes Mon 20-Nov-17 09:29:18

Not a journalist, not fishing for article fodder e.t.c. Just someone sat in their front room on a shitty grey morning.

Has anyone ever sent their child on a PGL holiday as in the ones where the children go without their parents? Would you do it again?

Thinking of one for the oldest (who will be 8 at the time of said holiday) in lieu of birthday/xmas parents from us and the whole family*. Its her idea of heaven as she loves absolutely anything to do with the outdoors. However if they are not that great then I won't bother.

*fwiw she herself has asked for a holiday after one of her friends did one last year.

Velvetbee Mon 20-Nov-17 09:42:20

Youngest went at 8 and 9 and would love to go every single holiday. He tried masses of new activities but there was no pressure to do things he thought were too scary. The staff were lovely, he made new friends. Will def. be doing it this year too.
Sign up for their emails and wait for the 50% off deals if you can be flexible about dates.

SilverSpot Mon 20-Nov-17 10:06:39

Obviously thousands and thousands of children go on PGL holidays, and have been doing for yonks.

I went on PGL holidays from age 10 (summer between Y5 and Y6) and for a few years after that up to about age 15 when we did some really quite cool adventure holiday type stuff.

I thought they were the BEST holidays ever. Super fun activities, no pressure, great pastoral environment, made lots of like-minded friends. I'd probably go for one of the smaller centers for your 8 year olds first experience tho.

MiniMileyMoo Mon 20-Nov-17 10:11:35

I used to go on them as a young teen and as a student I worked for them over a few summers. Totally loved it and would recommend. I’d look carefully at which centre and pick one that caters for the younger age group rather than one of the huge centres that cater for loads of children, for her first one at least.

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