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Leaving for nyc in ten. Do I need my iPad?

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EachandEveryone Mon 20-Nov-17 06:43:00

What do you reckon? I have my phone do I need both?

missy111 Mon 20-Nov-17 06:43:49

Yes, for the plane

EachandEveryone Mon 20-Nov-17 06:49:00

The films look ok

Angrybird345 Mon 20-Nov-17 06:52:16

Yes, to plan sightseeing and find shops erc

shhhfastasleep Mon 20-Nov-17 06:53:31

For films etc only. Go regularly. Never use iPad. Only phone.

AbsentmindedWoman Mon 20-Nov-17 06:54:20

What airline? Some you need a tablet to watch their films on in flight via an app that you download beforehand.

fialor Mon 20-Nov-17 06:55:24

Nope, you don't. It's another large item to lug around.

If your phone is a smart phone, with a decent screen size you are all set, and can watch anything on it. Unless you have things stored locally on your iPad that you want to watch on the plane, I wouldn't.

Enjoy NYC - it does not disappoint!

EachandEveryone Mon 20-Nov-17 08:02:41

If we ever get there the traffic is appalling!

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