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What are you up toooo?

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BulletFox Sat 18-Nov-17 06:56:14

I went to get a takeaway tea at 6am when they open (bit lazy, I know blush), started to text a friend then realised the time and as she works full time she wouldn't have been appreciative of my electronic bleep chirrupings!

TheWorldIsMyCakePop Sat 18-Nov-17 07:01:31

Gosh, are you an early bird? We woke at 6 but the children didn't go to bed till late so it's going to be a fun day.

Currently on YouTube watching minecraft while I mess on here.

fleurjasmine Sat 18-Nov-17 07:04:11

Blimey, what takeaway did you get at this hour?!

I'm waiting for a John Lewis delivery - new laptop, how jolly exciting!

MrsPringles Sat 18-Nov-17 07:04:24

I’m awake, DH and DS are still asleep. Busy day ahead, off to visit a new baby and then a Christmas fair later on smile

BulletFox Sat 18-Nov-17 07:04:37

TheWorld my routine is a little shot to shit at present!

I'll have to google minecraft, don't know it

Itsgonnabeacoldone Sat 18-Nov-17 07:04:49

Tea is notoriously hard to make at home grin

RatOnnaStick Sat 18-Nov-17 07:05:04

Kids are downstairs watching wierd Thomas on YouTube. I've been down to feed the cat and put some milk out for the boys and snuggled straight back to bed. I'm refusing to acknowledge the day any more til at least 7.30. DH is snoring still hmm

BulletFox Sat 18-Nov-17 07:05:21

Oh I mean I had a takeaway cup of tea. I want another now.

BeautyQueenFromMars Sat 18-Nov-17 07:21:46

I'm laughing at the thought that going to get a takeaway tea is lazy compared to making one at home 😂.
We're moving house today (well today and tomorrow actually), and I still have to pack up my DS's bombsite landfill pit of despair bedroom. On the Relentless already!!
P.S. Anyone got a flamethrower handy? Asking for a friend...

BulletFox Sat 18-Nov-17 07:24:18

Beauty moving is horrible, I have to do it soon, have you got all the boxes ready to just bung everything into? Does he have a lot of stuff?

FaithEverPresent Sat 18-Nov-17 07:26:14

Ha 10 years as a nurse and I automatically assumed you meant proper tea because you’d finished a night shift!

DD (4yo) is up, watching Netflix. DH is in the spare bed (he’s ill) and I’ve been downstairs for a cuppa already. Just browsing MN.

ThroughThickAndThin01 Sat 18-Nov-17 07:27:58

How far are you moving Beauty?

Just about to walk the dogs. It's freezing!

Pyjamaface Sat 18-Nov-17 07:28:57

I started work at 6am and I'm very bored. Just waiting for breakfast now and then hopefully it will pick up a bit or I'll be wanting a nap by 9

BeautyQueenFromMars Sat 18-Nov-17 07:38:54

Bullet I've got all the boxes, he just has a lot of crap (is a boarder and gets emotionally attached to everything) that is in no order whatsoever. My fault really, should have got things started weeks ago, have just been so busy.
Through Not far, thank goodness. Just a couple of miles from where we are now. Enjoy your dog walking!

BeautyQueenFromMars Sat 18-Nov-17 07:39:23

*hoarder not boarder!

ineedamoreadultieradult Sat 18-Nov-17 07:43:46

DS got back from a school residential at 1am at some point in the night he has climbed into my bed (he has never done this before so I'm letting it go) now I'm trying not to wake him up but I really need to get up for a wee.

Henrythehoover Sat 18-Nov-17 07:43:56

I'm lying in bed between my two sleeping ds they are 9&7 so I'm a bit squashed but dont want to wake them as it's so peaceful. My dd 12 is sleeping downstairs with her friend so I know it's going to be a mad house when they all wake up. Could murder a cuppa though.

PacAMac Sat 18-Nov-17 07:45:47

I'm in bed waiting for dh to return with a McDonalds breakfast smile

FlowerPotMum Sat 18-Nov-17 07:59:24

I'm in bed, the heating hasn't come on, it's bloody chilly. I'm considering waking DH to turn the heating on and make a cuppa 😁
Swimming lessons at ten so he will have to be quick!.
Good luck to the OP moving.

EKLInTraining Sat 18-Nov-17 08:01:32

Good luck with the move Beauty!

I am lazily lying in bed, putting off cleaning the house for a little while longer...

Cauliflowercheede Sat 18-Nov-17 08:05:11

What’s a take away tea? When you go to a cafe and buy one?

BulletFox Sat 18-Nov-17 08:07:41

cauli the local newsagents opens at 6am and they have a machine for dispensing hot drinks, I went and got a paper then fancied a teablush

Cauliflowercheede Sat 18-Nov-17 08:10:29

That’s fair. I read it as you had got dressed and left the house just to buy a tea...

RJnomore1 Sat 18-Nov-17 08:12:21

I'm debating getting up to do housework.

I probably won't. Must be honest.

Whitelisbon Sat 18-Nov-17 08:14:10

I'm sitting drinking coffee and enjoying the very rare peace before the dc wake up. Ds2 is normally up by 6.30 so it's a very rare thing this!

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