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Help, my waters have just broken!

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BlueButTrue Thu 16-Nov-17 01:46:49

What do I do now? No contractions yet, just period pain that’s constant - And might I add has been going on for a good week confused

Colour of the waters was a pale straw colour so I’m confident there is no meconium.

Does DH ring up in the morning and tell work he needs to stay with me and start paternity? Or go in and wait for fully established labour/contractions?

He works 2ish hours away.

As for me, I’m quite tired and wouldn’t mind getting some more sleep, despite me being quite excited now grin Not sure what for, I’m about to be in a lot of pain!

Thank you flowers

I’m a first time mum and NHS website isn’t really that clear. I don’t want to go into hospital unless I absolutely have to yet, I wanted to labour at home for a while.

chocolateorangeowls Thu 16-Nov-17 01:51:08

Call wherever you are meant to be giving birth and see what they say.

The same happened to me, just after midnight and I also thought no problem with waters but they got me to go in to double check. Turned out baby had pooped in them and I had to be induced early that morning 😕 (I thought what I was looking at was a light straw colour.)

Good luck - and your DH definitely shouldn’t be going to work tomorrow xx

lucylouuu Thu 16-Nov-17 01:52:04

good luck!! i’m excited for you

Bobbiepin Thu 16-Nov-17 01:52:18

DH isnt going to work. Put a pad on a d go get some sleep, you'll need it. Call the hospital when you wake up, they may want to confirm waters but unlikely. Good luck!

BlueButTrue Thu 16-Nov-17 01:57:00

Argh, how annoying. I’ve phoned and they want me to come in to confirm it’s waters - if so I can go back home again since not in labour BUT their policy is to induce if you haven’t gone into labour naturally within 24 hours

chocolateorangeowls Thu 16-Nov-17 01:57:26

I should add my midwife told me if contractions started at home I was fine to stay there without contacting the hospital as long as the baby was still moving well. But she did tell me if my waters went then I had to call the hospital straight away and they would want to speak to me about some things to decide if I needed to go in or not.

chocolateorangeowls Thu 16-Nov-17 02:00:30

Yeah there is a risk of infection if you don’t go into labour naturally within a certain time frame.

My contractions started on the drive to the hospital. They ended up inducing me a few hours later as they weren’t strong enough quickly enough because of the meconium.

I want to say good luck and have fun, but the fun bit doesn’t really work. I was a FTM mum too, my LO is now 6 months old. You’re in for an amazing time 🤗

BlueButTrue Thu 16-Nov-17 02:02:45

choclate Thank you! flowers Will update thread with cute baby picture grin

I’m feeling something that feels like a contraction but I’m not wincing so I’m not having it that’s it’s real wink

chocolateorangeowls Thu 16-Nov-17 02:04:11

Ha ha trust me, you will know when they start - and put a towel on your car seat 😁

BlueButTrue Thu 16-Nov-17 02:09:16

choclate the fact you’re up at 2am is telling me your little one doesn’t sleep through, poor you!

BlueButTrue Thu 16-Nov-17 02:09:54

Okay so the first gush of waters were a clear straw colour and these trickly bits are green hmm

imisschocolate Thu 16-Nov-17 02:11:16

If you have a wet pad take it with you.

We had to fight to get them to accept my waters had broken cause nothing was leaking in hospital. We were booked for an induction 2 days later asno contractions.

Good luck and congrats!

chocolateorangeowls Thu 16-Nov-17 02:19:20

Actually LO has been asleep since 7pm ha ha, very frustratingly I am suffering from insomnia 🤦‍♀️ but she will probably be up soon to join me though 😁

Also yes I agree with PP, take a pad with you. There was no mistaking my waters as they were still flowing when I got there 😕

BlueButTrue Thu 16-Nov-17 02:40:44

imiss I thought they could tell by your cervix/internal examination?!

choclate Hope you get some sleep soon flowers I’m definitely contracting every 5 minutes

LondonLassInTheCountry Thu 16-Nov-17 02:51:01

My sister had period pain for about 5 days.
Her waters went, within half hour she was having "constant bad period pains" and 2 hours later he was crowning.... smile

LondonLassInTheCountry Thu 16-Nov-17 02:51:24

Are ypu at the hospital yet?

DeadDoorpost Thu 16-Nov-17 02:52:45

ahhh I'm so happy for you! I'm not going to be able to sleep now!!

I was told to phone the midwife on call if I wasn't sure about anything. Hopefully you're all good.

Oh Blue the while thread is going to be cheered up tomorrow if your baby's born tonight eeeeek (I won't spoil it I promise)

KitKat1985 Thu 16-Nov-17 03:06:42

Hi Blue.

I also had to go in to be checked over once my waters started leaking with my second labour. It's because there's a high risk of infection once waters have gone and they like baby to have arrived within 24 hours of your waters going really. Still, it sounds like you're getting contractions which is a really good sign. Definitely mention that you are getting some green discharge though.

Best of luck. xx

ColdFeetWarmHeart Thu 16-Nov-17 03:34:56

Good luck op - this was me 8 weeks ago!!

I would say be prepared to be kept in. My waters started to go at 1am (I had constant trickle rather than one gush) and irregular contractions started at 3am. I went to hospital and examined at 11:30 (happy for me to stay home for a bit as it was my 2nd and baby had good movement). They straight away decided to keep me in, even though they were completely full. Policy is to induce 24 hrs after waters go if you're not having strong contractions. They'll need to take your temperature regularly to make sure you don't have an infection. If your waters are anything other than clear they'll monitor you even more.
Keep all pads to show midwife.

Any questions, shout out to us on here. Make sure you or your partner are vocal with midwives so you know what's going on. I found in my hospital they were so busy they seemed to forget to explain what was going on /:what their plans were (eg when they were planning on putting me on a drip to bring contractions on)

MrsZB Thu 16-Nov-17 04:09:38

Good luck!

BlueButTrue Thu 16-Nov-17 04:09:50

London That sounds promising! grin

Dead Eee! I’m excited to announce (hopefully) And what are you doing up?!

I’ve been here 45 minutes and all they’ve done is weigh me and ask me for a urine sample

ladybirdsaredotty Thu 16-Nov-17 04:13:26

Ooh good luck OP!

How long my babies took to be born once my waters broke:

10 mins (I was already in labour)
2.5 hours (they broke then i went into labour)
4 mins (already in labour)

I hope you are holding your baby very soon! smilebrew

AdaColeman Thu 16-Nov-17 05:18:02

Hope all is ticketty boo for you! brew fsmile

CountessofGrantham Thu 16-Nov-17 05:23:28

Good luck! Thinking back to my labours makes me feel all tingly. So surreal and exciting. Sigh.

BlueButTrue Thu 16-Nov-17 05:24:49

I’m in a worry here - Midwife has examined me and is saying my waters have not gone, it’s just heavy discharge

But how can it be?! It was a huge leak and it smelt sort of like semen like I was advised it would blush no, have not had any recent sex!

I’m getting contractions pains. Wtf is going on

I’m adamant they have gone!

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